9 Free Sports Betting Software and Algorithms [2023]

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know the best sports betting software and algorithms to spot the best betting opportunities.

In this guide you will find out:

-> The 9+ best sports betting software or algorithm I have used for many years;
-> Betting software to spot wrong/overpriced odds;
-> Statistical betting algorithms.

Below are my top 3 favourites that You can use to start following proven betting methods:

Score Prediction Algorithm

zcode system icon

1. ZCode System

→ Soccer buddy tool is using advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters

→ Optimized on the historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the probability of the soccer game outcomes

Only $7 – Trial

Read More →

Reliable Long-run Profits

rebelbetting icon

2. RebelBetting

→ It is an odds comparison tool that scans 60+ betting sites mainly from Europe & US.

→ They display sure and value betting opportunities where bookies offer overpriced odds.

14-day free trial

Rebelbetting Review →

No. 1 in the USA & CA

oddsjam value betting new logo

3. OddsJam

→ OddsJam is the most advanced arbitrage & value betting software for bettors from the USA and Canada
✓ 36+ US bookies scanned
✓ Displays overpriced odds -> bets placed on these will statistically generate long-term profits
✓ Excellent for converting bonus offers risk-free

7-day free trial!

OddsJam Review →

Many websites started offering support for punters with new and even free sports betting software.

These programs are based on helping bettors in decision-making and finding value in their bets.

Additional Sports Betting Algorithms: summary

surebet.com icon2

#4. Surebet.com

Free: no time limit, up to 1% profit

Goal: Displays odds differences between bookies
Bookies covered: 430+;
Sports: 37+;
Pre-match: Yes;
Live: No;
Free-trial: Up to 1% profit;
Price: Only €9/€26;

ptp icon bet without losing

#5. PlayThePercentage

Free: 7 days

Goal: Football predictions algorithm based on pure stats
Leagues: Even third leagues;
How it works: you can compare upcoming matches based on their past results;
Stats: Predicted in %, you are able to apply advanced filters;
Bonus: Football betting strategy with their tool, ROI over 8%;
Free-trial: 7 days;

breaking bet review logo

#5. BreakingBet

Budget Odds Comparison Tool

Goal: Displays odds differences between bookies
Bookies covered: 190+;
Sports: 14;
Pre-match: Yes;
In-play odds: Yes;
Free-trial: Up to 1% profit;
Price: Only €6/€19;

Want to check the other algorithms? Click here

Sports betting algorithms based on analytics and historical data can help you to find overpriced markets.

They also predict the outcome of an event in a way that bettors can beat the bookies in the long run.

Sports betting software categories from this article:

  • Best sure and value betting software in the USA -> Jump There
  • Best football statistics database/prediction software -> Read Now
  • Best sure and value betting software in the EU, UK, Asia, and Africa -> Jump There

Top sports betting software and algorithms for football

Many different sports betting software and algorithms were also created to support betting strategies.

These betting services might focus on historical sports data or moving odds.

I have used over 10 different sports betting software. Below you can find the ones I can recommend based on my experience.

1. ZCode System

The betting algorithm and service called ZCode System has been running since 1999.

It is considered one of the industry’s leading sports prediction services.

The ZCode System will offer the perfect guidance on which match is holding real value and which to stay away from.

Their sports betting algorithm will give you an opportunity to predict sports results more accurately and games with high long-term success.

zcode system betting software

It is possible to win money by placing your bets based on their recommendations.

However, I advise also converting the probability of an outcome to odds and checking the opinion of sharp bookies on that market.

In addition to the most popular sports in the US, such as basketball, ice hockey, and football, other sports are included, such as tennis and soccer.

ZCode System 7-day Trial ($7)

Expert Picks

Expert Picks are predictions/suggestions made by experts in various sports.

There is a list of the top thirty tipsters, so you can see who has the best performance.

ZCode System members can also post their own predictions, share their opinions and information with other members, and use all the tools on the platform.

Automated Systems

Besides Expert Picks, another type of betting option is also offered which is automated betting.

Betting options are selected based on trends, statistics, and historical data based on tens of thousands of matches.

These include 7-day, 30-day, the same day, and many other metrics, as well as a complete historical record of the ZCode Systems selections.

A full history of each system’s selection is taken into account, along with the historical data, statistics, and trends.

One or more of them have impressive profit lines that indicate long-term consistent gains.

sports betting algorithm team strength checker
Team strength comparison tool

What is included in a ZCode System ​Membership?

1. Sports Investing Bible

ZCode System gives you all the information about the basics of online sports betting in a free PDF included with every membership.

It is an excellent opportunity both for beginners and bettors who have some level of experience. 

If you read this info properly before you start using ZCode System, you will find it easier to pick up all the tips and advice.

You’ll also understand what this betting algorithm is all about and how they work for you.

2. ZCode System Video Tutorials

3. ZCode System VIP Picks

ZCode System has a tool called VIP Picks, one of its core strengths and most important betting service.

You’ll find hundreds of bets from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB matches on their platform.

Your only task is selecting the required league, and you’ll be taken to a page with various bets to consider.

4. Betting Systems

The other main service of the ZCode System is its betting algorithms, which are automated systems that:

  • anticipate the possible outcomes as accurately as possible based on analyzing historical data with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).

Profitable Betting Strategy in 2023

✓ Can be used at any local betting site with in-play markets
✓ Beginner friendly explanation of how it works

Over 4,150 People Have Already Signed Up!

Privacy Policy

!! Check the Spam folder if you don't receive the e-mail !!

2. OddsJam: sports betting algorithm based on odds scanning

Best sports betting software in the USA & Canada

OddsJam is an odds comparison software that focuses on betting sites available in the US & Canada.

Their sports betting algorithm is capable of displaying significant odds discrepancies between bookmakers.

oddsjam review arbitrage

Advantages of OddsJam:

  • Arbitrage betting software: you can cover both outcomes of a sports market and make a guaranteed profit out of it. It is based on finding very overpriced odds.
  • Positive EV betting: displays odds that are overpriced.
    Betting on these will generate long-term profits, but in this case, you must face variance (not making profits on each bet because of not covering each outcome).
  • Low-holds: shows betting opportunities where the bookies have a very low profit margin. It is excellent for covering both outcomes (with the right stakes from their calculator) and completing bonus offer requirements without the risk of losing
  • 7-day free trial
sports betting software for overpriced odds, main benefits and tools

Downsides of OddsJam:

  • You need a basic level of knowledge about the strategies mentioned above (they have many guides and articles that will teach you everything you need)


$9/day – In-play arbitrage bets – live games are blurred; you can unlock them for $9 for a day

$39/month – for matched betting software

$199 – Surebets & Value bets – Monthly

Need more info? Check my OddsJam Review or my detailed articles about arbitrage betting in the USA or matched betting in the USA.

Oddsjam also covers one of the most important sharp betting sites Bookmaker.eu that accepts US bettors.

3. RebelBetting

RebelBetting is a premium sports betting software for pre-match arbitrage and value betting.

It focuses on European, Asian, and many African bookmakers.

They are one of the most important sports betting analytics software in this industry.

By comparing odds between bookies:

-> RebelBetting helped many bettors make insane profits (hundreds of thousands of euros) by taking advantage of the above-mentioned strategies.

rebelbetting web app surebetting

Advantages of RebelBetting:

  • Scans over 100+ bookies, including many of their clone sites
  • Supports the following betting strategies: arbitrage, value, and matched betting
  • Tens of thousands of profitable and satisfied customers
  • Sports betting algorithm with a fast refresh rate: spots overpriced markets almost in real-time.
  • 14-day free trial!
  • The browser and Windows app
  • A betting software that displays sure betting opportunities from a wide variety of sports and markets
  • Software guide for beginner bettors
rebelbetting community sharing sports betting software results
Members sharing results with RebelBetting

Downsides of RebelBetting:

  • They are not covering in-play events (this might be important for many bettors)
  • Sooner or later, betting sites will limit your maximum stake if you start winning


89€/179€ / month – Sure betting starter/Pro
89€/179€ / month – Value betting starter/Pro

Do you need more info?

Check my RebelBetting Review and benefit from their 14-day free trial.

Key features:

  • sports betting algorithm that scans over 60 betting sites and many of their clones for spotting wrong odds
  • a well-developed sports betting model in their value betting service that can determine the true odds for many markets
  • A football betting software with advanced filtering options to display the markets, sports, bookies, and odds ranges you need
  • Betting history tracker: you can check your previous bets and spot mistakes and low-hanging betting opportunities

No matter where you are from, their value betting software is probably the most sustainable, easiest to start with, and offers the most profits in the long run.

In the RebelBetting value betting review, I already mentioned I had an interview with a successful value bettor who was able to make over 10.000 euros with an average stake of 25.

This result speaks for itself.

4. PlayThePercentage

They are a simpler and slightly cheaper football betting software compared to StatisticSports but with some excellent additional tools.

This football algorithm displays fairly successful soccer predictions in percentages and betting lines.

These are based on historical data.

play the percentage football statistics prediction

Advantages of PlayThePercentage:

  • You can apply your own filters: chance of goals in %, nr of corners, cards, goals with over 80-90% chance to succeed
  • They offer a betting strategy that generated over 20k Euros in one year based on their strategy
  • You can get predictions on telegram for this strategy
  • It will support your decision-making in sports betting
  • Will increase your success rate right from the start (if you use the proper filters)
  • the betting algorithm processes data from tens of thousands of football events each year
  • the layout is easy to understand and helps bettors make better decisions by visually emphasizing better opportunities

Downsides of PlayThePercentage:

  • It requires some practice to really get an edge over the bookies

Pro Level price for a month: £9.99

Elite Level price for a month: £14.99

You can check my detailed article about the above-mentioned top football statistical databases for strategies and other tips.

5. BetBurger

BetBurger is one of the most advanced sports betting software for bettors from almost all around the world.

They are scanning the most bookmakers and also with a wide variety of offers.

free value betting service betburger

Advantages of BetBurger:

  • Odds comparison tool for the following strategies: arbitrage, value, and matched betting
  • A wide variety of sports covered: over 35
  • Even smaller betting markets scanned
  • Displays the surest betting opportunities and overpriced odds
  • Scans sports events and bookies before the event and in-play as well
  • Option for a daily and weekly subscription
  • Excellent user-friendly interface

Downsides of BetBurger:

  • Requires some level of experience in the betting strategies mentioned above
  • It might seem expensive for a beginner without experience (if you know how to use it, you can make a profit of 5-8 times the monthly subscription fee)


Prematch Arb:

Live Arb:

Prematch Value Betting:

Live Value Betting:

Want to learn more about them? Check my BetBurger Review.

You can check my list of the top sure bet finders and find which are the best for your needs.

6. ArbMate

ArbMate is the perfect example of you will get the quality you paid for.

It is an excellent sports betting software for bettors who are looking for an odds comparison tool.

Picking the highest odds and taking advantage of odds discrepancies between bookies will always be the most bulletproof betting strategy.

ArbMate is offering a great scanner for each of the strategies mentioned above.

arbmate review odds navigator

Advantages of ArbMate:

  • Subscription plan: at subscription, you will have to pay only for the bookies you will need for your strategy. Each bookie has a different price, between 3 to 12 euros per month.
  • Second fastest bookmaker scanner
  • Excellent user interface
  • Redirection tool: if they display a betting opportunity, by clicking on the odds, you will be redirected to the bookmaker
  • Affordable monthly fee

Downsides of ArbMate:

They display overpriced markets only for football

 – Pre-match & Live – 1 day
19€ – Pre-match & Live – 1 month
These plans include only the default bookmakers (Bet365, Bwin, Pinnacle). Every additional bookie costs between 3-12 €
You can read more about them in my detailed ArbMate Review.

7. Surebet.com

I started using surebet.com back in 2013.

This sports betting software is the biggest reason I became successful in sports betting.

Their simple user interface helps beginners to start betting strategies such as arbitrage or value betting without too many complications.

surebet.com middle bets scanner software

They display odds differences between betting sites from all over the world.

You can take advantage of these with the betting strategy already mentioned above.

If you need more info on starting, you can check my article on how to find arbitrage bets.

In a simple explanation of what surebet.com does excellently:

they scan odds from hundreds of bookies, compare them based on your filters, and if there is a betting opportunity, they display it.

You cover both outcomes with the right stakes by using an arbitrage calculator, and you profit no matter who wins because you have the edge over the bookies.

Advantages of Surebet.com:

  • Affordable for everyone (below 30 euros per month)
  • Free Value betting software
  • Free sure bets up to a profit of 1%
  • Scans over 180 bookmakers from all around the world

Downsides of Surebet.com:

  • Not the most professional sure bet scanner
  • Other similar services have better filters

Sure bet plan price:
€8.90 – 1 week,
€25.90 – 1 month.

You can read more about them in my detailed Surebet.com Review.

8. Breaking Bet

Breaking Bet is one of the most affordable sports betting software that is capable of displaying overpriced markets at bookmakers.

Despite their fairly low monthly fee, their service is in constant development.

Many people might think a low fee is paired with poor service.

But in the case of Breaking Bet, this is not true at all.

breaking bet review test

They offer a very similar service to surebet.com, but besides scanning bookie odds before the start of the event, they also display betting opportunities while the events are live.

This software can offer you a competitive edge over bookies.

While the matches are in play, you can use these sports betting software to spot wrong odds and still stay under the radar for a longer time.

Many bookies can’t sport smart players while the odds are shifting so fast.

BreakingBet helps you spot these overpriced odds to offer long-term profits with value betting or guaranteed profits with arbitrage betting.

Advantages of Breaking Bet:

  • Affordable subscription fees
  • Pre-match and in-play sure bets and value bets, as well
  • Excellent beginner-friendly user interface
  • 50+ bookmakers (and 100+ their clones covered)
  • Many sports scanned
  • Fairly fast refresh/scanning speed (they update the odds and betting opportunities very often)

Downsides of Breaking Bet:

  • They are focusing on Asian and African bookies
  • Less sure bets displayed compared to a premium service


Pre-match or Live Arb (7-days):
Pre-match or Live Arb (Monthly):

Pre-match or value bets (7-days):
Pre-match or Live value bets (Monthly):

You can read more about them in my detailed Breaking Bet Review.

9. StatisticSports

StatisticSports is one of the most advanced sports betting software for football I have ever used.

They display very detailed statistics about upcoming football events.

These are based on hundreds of thousands of historical data.

They are also capable of checking if your betting strategy is profitable in the long run or not.

This tool is called backtesting.

statisticsports football without loosing backtesting

Advantages of StatisticSports:

  • Supports betting tipster decision making
  • Can back up your future bets
  • You can test your betting strategy (backtesting) if it is profitable or not
  • Affordable prices
  • In-play notifications based on your filters (dangerous attack, corners, etc.)


  • Requires a little bit of practice to figure out each of their useful tools (they are helping you with in-depth guides)


7-day free trial!;
17.0 € / month – Lite;
37.0 € / 1 month – Deluxe;
77.0 € / 1 month – Platinum;

Need more info? Check my article about this football statistics prediction software.


OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid.

By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

OddsBoom is a less complex sports betting software and a more affordable competitor of OddsJam.

They are an odds comparison site with similar tools like OddsJam.

oddsboom arbitrage betting US bookmakers

Advantages of OddsBoom:

  • Displays the highest odds on each sports event/market
  • You can choose the bookies with the highest odds
  • It will increase your winnings from the first moment
  • They have arbitrage betting software and in-build arbitrage calculator
  • Bonus cruncher: displays betting opportunities for matched betting (completing bonus offer requirements)

Downsides of OddsBoom:

  • Slightly slower scanning speed compared to OddsJam


$5 / 1 day;
$15 / 1 month – Plus membership;
$150 / 1 year – save 2 months’ worth of subscription.

You can also check my detailed OddsJam Review.

Are you not familiar with these betting techniques? Select a strategy and read more about them!

Football betting software based on countries

1. Sports Betting Software for US & Canadian bettors

Arbitrage betting software in the USA & Canada

  • OddsJam is the fastest real-time arbitrage betting scanner for the US & Canadian bookmakers.
  • With their software, bettors from these countries are able to take advantage of overpriced odds.
  • With OddsJam you can practice strategies like arbitrage and value betting.
  • Both are accepted as the most profitable and surest techniques for betting.

You can try them with the 7-day Free Trial! – subscribe to their newsletter and you will get 3 daily sure bets for free in the e-mail!

Need more information? Check my OddsJam Review

2. Sports betting algorithms for bettors from the EU & Africa

A lot of the strategies require human action.

It is very hard to write a code that can replace the intuition of a bettor.

Yet, betting strategies like arbitrage betting or matched betting can be practised only with the help of services like free arbitrage bet finders.

I have tested over 15 betting software since 2013.

Below you can find some links to the best betting software that I found very profitable in the long run.

1.) For matched betting:
Matched betting software in the UK
2.) For arbitrage & value betting in the EU and Africa:
8 Arbitrage bet finders
Value bet finders

breakingbet arbitrage banner

3. Football betting database & algorithm – worldwide

Back in 2019, I found two websites that offer football betting statistics, databases, and even software to test out betting strategies.

Play the Percentage is following tens of thousands of matches each year.

They are storing historical data, and their betting algorithm offers predictions in a percentage or total format.

Take a look at one of my filters:

play the percentage football statistics prediction

Check my detailed review about Play the Percentage with my top 3 football betting strategies.

They are offering a 7-day free trial for their services.

Zcode System, on the other hand:

-> Has an advanced and different way of approach to statistical sports betting.

-> They analyze historical data from each football betting with the help of artificial intelligence and skilled bettors as well.

-> Their betting algorithm is capable of backtesting your football betting strategy.

-> Their system is capable of testing your strategy if it would be profitable.

->This test is based on historical data and odds from tens of thousands of matches.

Do football betting software work?

After a short research on the internet, you will find a lot of services that offer sports betting forecasts and predictions.

Some of them are using software based on betting algorithms.

Based on historical data, they are trying to predict the outcome of future events.

But how successful are they?

Well, most of them are not taking enough information into consideration.

A lot of this betting software can be free too, but their data won’t help you in getting a real edge over the bookmakers.

Beating the bookies with simple betting analytics is not enough.

Profitable Betting Strategy in 2023

✓ Can be used at any local betting site with in-play markets
✓ Beginner friendly explanation of how it works

Over 4,150 People Have Already Signed Up!

Privacy Policy

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Think about it!

They have been in this industry for a lot of years.

Some of them are offering betting possibilities for over 20+ years.

Do you think free betting software that is on the market for 2 years can predict an outcome in a more accurate way?

Well, most of them don’t stand a chance.

But fortunately, there are solutions to use analytics software and generate a decent profit from bookmakers.

Even bookmakers are in a hard situation when they need to predict the real probability of an outcome.

Sports are beautiful because every kind of competition can surprise you.

Even the smallest football team or a rookie in tennis can appear from nowhere.

After hard training, sometimes they can stand a chance against bigger players.

These unforeseen events are making it possible for bookmakers to offer these services.

football betting statistics database Play the percentage

During these long years, some bookies have developed their betting models and algorithms to a high level. Those can predict the winners in a fairly accurate way.

This is the reason they are able to generate so much profit.

Some of them are so good at it as even smart bettors can’t really conquer them.

So, my short answer is yes, sports betting models are working.

At least for bookmakers, as we know at the moment. But keep reading to find out more!

Is there an algorithm or model for sports betting?

We already know that betting models are working.

But is there a way for us, sports bettors to make profits based on betting or analytic software?

Based on my experience there are several ways to think about making money from this activity. The basic approach is trying to figure out which outcome might win.

A lot of websites and the best tipsters have based their service on trying to offer “accurate and winning predictions”.

Some of them might be successful.

You might find tipsters with an insane amount of knowledge and experience.

Following a sport with the intention of learning and developing strategies can help you become profitable.

This approach is very common among a lot of tipsters.

But unfortunately, the successful ones are not offering any service for free.

breakingbet arbitrage banner

Would you help anyone in this industry for free knowing that they are making thousands of euros?

Spending your time on figuring out winners for totally free?

Well, you can find some of these guys, but they are rare. Most of them are asking for a monthly fee between 20 – 100 euros.

Your only task is to find the one who suits your needs and finances.

Betting software for football or tennis?

These sports are the most followed when speaking about prediction algorithms.

A lot of bettors are dreaming about placing a hand on a soft that will make them rich.

Some tech-savvy guys have created automated betting algorithms based on their own strategies.

These are generating decent profits, but they are not available to a wide audience.

Many people try to take the next step by using similar scripts for crypto bookies or for crypto arbitrage.

It is possible to develop similar tools, but in most cases focusing on working schemes will result in bigger and more sustainable profits.

7 Facts about Sports betting algorithms

  1. Sports betting algorithms are mathematical models that use data and statistical analysis to make predictions about the outcomes of sports events.
  2. These algorithms can take into account a wide range of factors, including past performance, player statistics, weather conditions, and injuries.
  3. Sports betting algorithms are commonly used by professional bettors, bookmakers, and sports betting companies to make informed decisions about which bets to place and to set odds for events.
  4. The accuracy and effectiveness of sports betting algorithms can vary widely, depending on the quality of the data used and the complexity of the model.
  5. Some sports betting algorithms are based on traditional statistical models, while others use machine learning techniques to continuously improve their accuracy over time.
  6. The use of sports betting algorithms can help to reduce the influence of personal bias and emotion on betting decisions.
  7. The development of sports betting algorithms often requires a combination of statistical expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of the specific sport being analyzed.

Can you win in sports betting by using betting software?

You can find a lot of betting software even for free, that can help you win.

The first thing you need to accept is that predicting the winner of a match is not the best route to follow.

If you are a beginner, this is the hardest strategy to follow.

On the other hand, I will show you techniques & mathematical betting strategies that can make you a winner in sports betting.

Every bookmaker makes mistakes on a daily basis.

There is no way to generate odds without missing some information and offering overpriced markets.

Do you know what is the beauty in those wrong lines and odds? You will find out now!

These are offering loopholes for guaranteed profits.

Thousands of bettors are taking advantage of them and this information didn’t go viral. T

o be honest, I can’t figure out why.

When you find these overpriced markets, you can place a bet on them.

If you are covering the other outcome by placing a bet on another bookmaker, you will make a guaranteed profit.

arbitrage betting software

No matter who wins, if your stakes are right, you will generate a decent income from these bets with the technique of arbitrage betting and by using a sports betting arbitrage calculator.

You might be familiar with this name because it is used in the financial industry too.

But how to find these sure bet opportunities?

There are several ways, but the most basic ones are searching them manually or using a bookmaker scanner software.

Both of them can be successful, but using sports betting software, even a free one, will boost your chances.

Here you can read an article about these scanning programs, and some of their free versions are listed too.

Want to make Big profits without risk? 

Check my comparison table about the best free arbitrage scanners softwares!

Free arbitrage betting software

Football betting software: for matched betting

Another strategy I would like to mention is matched betting.

This is the most beginner-friendly technique for taking advantage of bonuses, even at bookmakers without verification.

They are offering these to attract as many new clients as possible and to keep the existing ones active.

With matched betting, you can complete almost every offer without losing your deposit or the bonus. It seems promising right?

Well, you can make 500 – 2000 euros in a month from this strategy itself.

It depends on your ability to access bookmakers and how long you are willing to work.

I have several articles about bonus hunting.

This strategy is fairly easy to learn. If you are using services like OddsMonkey, your only task will be following their instructions.

They guide you from finding the best bonuses to placing specific bets and withdrawing money.

Here you can find my review of them.

Sports betting software: for Value betting

Value betting is the most profitable sports betting strategy.

It is based on finding overpriced outcomes and placing bets on them.

Based on mathematics if you can find odds that are higher than their probability of winning, in the long run, you can make profits from them.

This strategy is based on mathematics.

In this case, not covering the other outcome is the key point.

Of course, with this tactic, you will risk your money because, a lot of the time, you will lose your bets.

But you don’t have to be afraid if you are betting only on the wrong odds.

In the long-run statistics are always winning. You may experience some losing and winning streaks too.

The good part of this strategy is that a lot of websites are offering services for value betting.

Their algorithms are spotting overpriced markets.

These opportunities are displayed in seconds, so you can take advantage of them.

A very useful software that I can recommend is RebelBetting.

In the following article about free arbitrage finder software, you can find more details about them.

You might want to check my detailed RebelBetting review.

Over the years, they have gained a lot of experience in this industry.

The application they offer for a fair price is useful for almost every betting strategy.

In this case, I would like to mention their value betting software. For a fair price, your only task will be to filter out your bookmakers and place every bet they are displaying.

I have many country-specific articles about the best betting software:


Do sports betting algorithms work?

Yes. A lot of betting software and algorithms are very useful and can help you beat the bookmakers. Betting algorithms based on historical data and small user input can work the best and offer long-term profits.

Is there an algorithm for sports betting?

Sports Betting Algorithms are programs and scripts that are capable of analyzing historical sports data and predicting the probability of some outcomes.
A lot of algorithms are helping punters in betting. The most common sports betting algorithms are created for matched betting or value betting. Other algorithms can offer predictions based on historical data.

Is there some software to help predict sports betting?

The best software for predicting the outcome of an event is created for value betting. They are scanning bookmakers for overpriced markets.

How do you start a sports betting model?

Starting a sports betting model that can offer a real value for bettors requires coding knowledge and access to historical data. Some services are already offering sports betting models so starting to create a new tool is not necessary in many cases.

Is there a sports betting opportunity finder for 1xBet?

Surebet.com and BreakingBet have the most affordable betting algorithm that cover 1xbet betting opportunities. They display both sure betting and value betting opportunities.

Get started with betting on 1xBet and find excellent odds: register 1xbet by phone & 1xbet promo code!