I took advantage of the fast tennis score updates many times. 

The fastest sites to update live tennis scores can offer you the advantage of beating the bookies.

Which site updates the fastest tennis live score?

Bet365 and William Hill offer an outstanding, fast tennis score update rate. 

However, William Hill dominates when it is about the fastest site to update tennis scores.

As a European sports bettor, I used many betting sites to know the actual score as fast as possible.

In some rare cases, a live stream at bookies can be faster than the score tab itself.

These errors tend to appear when the umpire is slightly late or slow in general.

How to get tennis scores the fastest?

Follow the scoreboard on the William Hill betting site because of several reasons, William Hill seems to beat each betting site when it comes to updating the live tennis scores.

Even a tiny difference of 0.3-0.5 seconds can mean the difference between being able to beat the bookies with different strategies or just missing the opportunity.

1. Bet365 tennis scoreboard

For a very long time, I took advantage of the fast tennis score updates of Bet365.

They are one of the biggest betting sites for a good reason. 

Even regular bettors can profit from having access to fast score updates on tennis.

Check my tennis betting strategy article and find out how you can earn long term profits.

2. Betfair tennis score updated

When it comes to taking advantage of the fastest sites to update tennis scores, Betfair is also at the top of each smart bettor.

Unfortunately, the tournament and event coverage is not as good as at Bet365. But in many cases, Betfair has a faster refresh rate than the above-mentioned betting sites.

3. Use live stream

It might seem obvious that updating simple scoreboard information should be faster than video coverage.

However, as I already mentioned, in many cases the umpire is slower or the data feed is not correct.

I’ve made several thousands of € profits from similar mistakes (mentioned in my tennis betting course as well).

In many cases, by watching the stream you can see that the betting site is late in updating the score even by 2 points.

Focusing on these mistakes only is just a waste of time.

But it is good to pay attention to live streams as well when looking for sites that have the fastest tennis score updates.

4. Have the fastest internet possible 

Trying to get fast updates with a 3G or even 4G internet will not be a good idea in the long run.

Even 0.2-0.4 sec of delay can mean the difference between being successful in betting or just losing your time.

5. Be as close to a bookie server as possible

This might not be a solution for the majority of bettors.

But when it comes to using the fastest site for tennis score updates, being close to the server of William Hill is pretty crucial.

A bettor from the UK will get the updates faster than someone from Asia or Africa.

With today’s technology, we can have access to information in a matter of milliseconds.

However, the bigger the distance between us and the bookie servers, the slower the connection is.

The distance can cause getting info 0.2-0.6 sec later than other bettors.

This difference can also make your effort useless.

Why do you need fast tennis score updates?

Average bettors do not need a lightning-fast score update for tennis.

However, smart bettors are taking advantage of bookies’ mistakes like delayed or wrong tennis odds.

For their strategies, even a one-second delay can mean not being able to place a bet.

The faster you get info about the match, the more bets you are able to place.

At the end of the month, these advantages against bookies and other bettors can easily result in several hundreds of $/€.

Fast tennis score update strategies

1. Courtside betting

The most common and proven way to win in tennis betting popular betting strategy based on fast info and slow bookie is courtsiding.

The basic idea behind this strategy is knowing the outcome faster than a bookie.

Your advantage against the betting site must be longer than the time they accept a bet.

So, if a bookie accepts a bet (after you hit place bet) in 5 seconds, your advantage must be over 5 seconds.

With this type of betting, you can achieve a guaranteed win or (if you want to stay under the radars) place a big value bet.

2. Value betting

Most courtside bettors are focusing on locking in a guaranteed and instant win when they know the outcome of an event.

While other bettors chose the long-term profits with the value betting approach.

With this technique, bettors are not taking advantage of the guaranteed profits. 

Instead, they profit from the positive expected value offered by dropping odds.

This strategy is the easiest to practice with the help of a value betting software.

It will display each tennis value bet based on overpriced almost in real time.


Why are fast tennis score updates important for betting?

Fast tennis score updates are crucial for smart bettors who take advantage of bookmakers’ mistakes and delayed odds. Even a one-second delay in getting match information can prevent them from placing timely bets, impacting their betting strategies and potential profits.

Which site updates tennis scores the fastest?

William Hill is known for dominating in terms of the fastest site to update tennis scores. Bettors have noticed that even a slight difference of 0.3-0.5 seconds can be critical in gaining an advantage over bookies.

Are there other betting sites with fast tennis score updates?

Yes, Bet365 and Betfair are also popular choices for accessing fast tennis score updates. Bet365, in particular, has been praised for its rapid score updates and is regarded as one of the biggest and most reliable betting sites.