Top 7 FanDuel Betting Tips, Tricks, & Winning Strategies 2023

Achieving long-term profits from strategies for FanDuel is not easy. I created this article to share my experiences with some mathematical betting strategies for successfully betting at FanDuel. 

I started practising these strategies back in 2013, and since then I used over 5-6 different strategies with the help of over 10 betting software.

FanDuel is one of the biggest betting sites in the USA with an excellent betting offer and odds. Unfortunately, most people (over 96%) won’t succeed in sports betting because of simple mathematics (house edge).

This article with my betting tips, tricks, and mathematical betting strategies for FanDuel will help you to be a part of that remaining 4%.

arbitrage betting software

Generating profits, in the long run, is possible not only at FanDuel but almost every bookmaker by using winning strategies like matched betting, value, and arbitrage betting. 

These are not the only betting strategies for FanDuel. I will share some other tips and tricks that can generate a decent long-term profit with the help of statistics and mathematical predictions.

FanDuel tips and tricks, winning strategies

1. Matched betting at FanDuel

Matched betting is the most straightforward and beginner-friendly strategy for FanDuel. This betting technique is the most known and practised in the UK, where hundreds of bookmakers have bonus offers.

Matched betting at FanDuel is not the most profitable strategy, but probably the easiest and fastest way to make a guaranteed profit.

The main goal and motivation of FanDuel and each betting site are to attract many new customers and keep the existing ones active.

These free bets and other bonus offers on the first deposit will attract the attention of many new customers who are motivated to profit from these.

How can you earn money from FanDuel with matched betting?

The basic steps are:

  • FanDuel is offering a bonus after your deposit ($1000 worth of free bet)
  • You place a qualifying bet at FanDuel
  • Cover the other outcome of that market at another betting site

By completing these simple steps with the right stakes, you will also complete the rollover requirements for these bonuses without risking your initial deposit or the bonus itself.

oddsboom matched betting software usa and Canada

Matched betting at FanDuel is the simplest strategy you can try but you still need to follow some strict rules and steps to protect your profits.

In the following article, you can find more information about the steps in matched betting.

On the other hand, I would like to mention OddsJam. They offer the perfect and only matched betting software for the majority of the bookie in the USA and FanDuel as well.

Check my OddsJam Review and find out what this odds comparison tool is capable of.

They cover over 60 bookies from the US and you can find matched betting opportunities in their Bonus Cruncher tool.

FanDuel is not the only popular US betting site for matched betting. You can find many competitors with bigger bonuses and better terms.

Matched betting is a winning strategy for FanDuel, but the amount you can make in a month only with a single bookie is not outstanding.

This technique by itself will generate ~$700-$800 of profit from the first deposit and some additional amounts down the road.

oddsjam arbitrage value matched betting USApromo code2

Matched betting at FanDuel combined with other bookies is the best and most profitable way of bonus hunting. A bettor with a decent starting capital and a little information about matched betting can easily make over $6k-8k in the first month (but not in every state).


How to get free money on FanDuel?

Free bets are offered to each new customer. You can also get this free money from FanDuel if you are not active for a long time.

These free bets will appear fairly commonly on your account if the overall balance is in a loss and your account is not flagged for smart betting.

2. Arbitrage betting at FanDuel

I’ve been practicing arbitrage betting for many years. FanDuel is an excellent bookmaker for taking advantage of this technique.

If you have never heard about arbing or sure betting, below you can find some advice and a short guide.

Arbitrage betting is one of the most profitable yet almost risk-free betting strategies for FanDuel. 

This strategy is based on finding odds discrepancies between bookies. Each betting site makes many mistakes and offers overpriced markets on daily basis.

OddsJam arbitrage betting software for FanDuel

Odds differences between FanDuel and other betting sites can be caused by late or incorrect information about teams/players/in-play events.

oddsjam review arbitrage
OddsJam arbitrage betting software

Every time FanDuel offers an outcome at the wrong odds, you can take advantage of it and generate a guaranteed profit.

Your task is to place a bet on the wrong odds at FanDuel and cover the other outcome at another bookie.

This betting strategy can be used not only at FanDuel but at almost every betting site in the US. Many people like myself succeeded in beating the bookies and making a living from them.

FanDuel is offering decent odds and also a wide variety of betting markets. But the biggest reason arbitrage betting at FanDuel and bookies like BetMGM is so profitable is the high maximum stakes and the opportunity for bigger deposits without any issues.

Arbitrage betting at FanDuel can be practiced with multiple methods.

You can use them as the bookie where:

  • you only cover/hedge your bets on them
  • take advantage of their wrong lines and cover the other outcome at another bookie

You will need access to more betting sites, but my best tip for FanDuel is to give this strategy a chance.

OddsJam is offering one of the best premium services for arbitrage betting at US bookies.

Their software covers the majority of US bookies and displays overpriced odds. By this, they support sure betting and many other mathematical betting strategies.

You can read more about them in my OddsJam Review and also try them with the 7-day free trial. 

3. Get FanDuel betting advice from experts

With the betting advice of a reliable and profitable tipster, you have the best chance beat FanDuel if you don’t want to use the strategies mentioned above. 

Many bettors have many years of experience and knowledge about a sport. This information is allowing them to offer valuable predictions that can generate long-term gains.

Picking the right tipster and betting advisor for FanDuel can be tricky, but a trustworthy platform like Tipstrr is your best chance.

Tipstrr best tipster site

My best FanDuel betting tip? – follow tipsters who offer over 15-20 betting tips each week and have a betting history from the past 6-8 months.

The biggest advantage of following betting advisors and predictions from this platform is that every individual tipster is motivated to offer quality predictions. They are not able to manipulate the betting history, no matter if they are successful or not. 

You can also check my Tipstrr Review.

Paying 10-25 euros a month for quality predictions is worth a hundred times more than those tipsters from Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Get my free account!

Check my similar article about the best betting tipster service and top sports tipster services.

4. FanDuel tips and strategies with statistics

I have used several services that offer excellent and very useful soccer statistics and databases. With the right strategy and access to similar software, you can make a decent long-term profit.

If you are looking to find a bulletproof betting strategy or trick for FanDuel, matched betting and arbitrage betting are the perfect pick for a start.

But using a service with statistics can also support you in beating the betting sites in the long run. The only real downside of strategies based on stats is not covering each outcome.

play the percentage football statistics prediction

This way you can beat FanDuel in the long run only.

I have used two soccer databases. One of them is ZCodeSystem. With this site, you can backtest your betting strategy. It means you can test the profitability of your strategy based on historical data.

Another excellent software I used is called PlayThePercentage. They are also covering tens of thousands of soccer matches each year. Based on the historical data they store, you can get percentage-based predictions.

The only thing you need to do is apply some filters or compare head-to-head for teams and get predictions in a percentage format.

If the odds at FanDuel exceed the statistical chance of an outcome, you can check the in-play stats and place bets if the match also mirrors the same result.

You can read more about these services in my following review of soccer statistics software.

5. Earn from FanDuel with Value Betting

Practicing a value betting strategy is the best decision you can take if you are looking for the best betting strategy for FanDuel. This betting technique is very similar to arbitrage betting. For value betting at FanDuel, you need to spot overpriced markets compared to more accurate bookies such as Pinnacle.

It is a simple technique based on math that can be applied to almost every bookmaker and FanDuel as well.

There is a major difference between arbitrage and value betting. Because of the lower average stakes, bookmakers will limit your account later.

If you avoid obvious odds mistakes, in-play value betting is the most profitable betting strategy for DratftKins.

my basketball value betting history
My value betting results on basketball: ~ three weeks of betting

Value betting at FanDuel and other bookmakers as well as some advantages and downsides as well.

The biggest plus for this earning trick is the maximum profits you can make. Earning over 2k-3k USD in a single month is more possible, but not guaranteed.

This strategy is the most profitable even if you compare it to low-risk techniques such as matched betting, arbing, or even trading.

So, what are the downsides of positive EV betting at FanDuel?

Bookmakers don’t like bettors who can win in the long run. But the majority of smart bettors will face some level of stake limitations.

FanDuel is not different from its competitors. They might have high stake limits, and they will support smart activities for a while, but eventually, they will limit the maximum stakes on winning accounts.

On the other hand, the value bettor won’t have a positive ROI every time. Your bets at FanDuel are not hedged at other bookies and sometimes that will cause long losing streaks.

The biggest advantage of this strategy will shine when you hit some winning streaks too. It’s a simple fact that if you place bets on odds above their statistical possibility to win, in the long run, you will make more profits than you lose. 

OddsJam is the perfect and only value betting software for US bookies. Check my OddsJam Review and read more about them.

6. FanDuel advice and tricks for in-play betting

FanDuel is offering a wide variety of in-play betting markets and odds. But this can turn their lines vulnerable against bettors who practice mathematical betting strategies.

The betting markets and the odds at FanDuel and other bookies have been generated automatically with algorithms. But these programs can’t take into consideration each human factor.

These odds are generated based on historical data and some new information about lineups and players. But each sport is played by humans. Not even the most professional players can maintain the same performance in each event.

If you are following a sport for a long time, you can spot these opportunities and can beat bigger bookies too such as FanDuel.

By watching the stream, you can spot betting opportunities that can generate an almost guaranteed profit.

Think about it! Can a tennis player offer the same performance with injured shoulders?

Will a basketball team score 45 points in a quarter, if both of them are playing defensively after a time-out?

An article that might be interesting for you: Basketball betting tipster site

Bookmakers can’t notice every change every time and these are the rare moments to beat them.

This strategy is also called value betting. But with this strategy, you are not comparing FanDuel odds to sharp bookies.

Spotting these mistakes can offer your FanDuel strategies a great boost against the house. Spotting these opportunities requires some experience, but if you start value betting, you can notice many things.

7. FanDuel strategies based on automatic software/bots

Software development and smart sports betting are a good pair. Building programs/software that can place bets automatically is not a new way of beating bookies and can be applied to your FanDuel strategy as well.

A lot of bots (software) were created over the years. The most common ones were programmed to place bets on exchanges like Betfair or even at FanDuel.

Betting sites such as FanDuel are making profits because of the profit margin they have on the odds.

Betting bots can generate profits in a guaranteed way if they are in the right hands. Some of these bettors were/are using even multiple accounts to make the most out of these scripts.

These robots can make money with your FanDuel strategy by placing value and arbitrage bets. This part of the article was only for informational purposes.

Finding a developer who will share a program like this is very unlikely (even if you offer several thousand of euros).

How much can you earn from FanDuel?

By pairing FanDuel with other bookies, you can make more than 800 – 1500 dollars in a month with the help of betting software such as OddsJam.

The amount you can make at FanDuel depends on your knowledge, access to other bookmakers, and the amount of time you are willing to invest in practicing these strategies.

Making a living only with FanDuel is hard and almost impossible for the majority of bettors. No matter how good you are at hiding your smart betting activity, in the long run, you will win.

They don’t like winners, so you will face account limitations sooner or later.

There are several steps to follow to delay limitations, but you can’t avoid them.

Can you get rich with FanDuel tips and tricks?

A lot of bettors made a fortune at FanDuel. For some of them, even 10k dollars of profit in a single is normal.

But can you replicate the same performance? Well, most bettors won’t get to that level, while other persistent players can succeed.


How do you win every time in FanDuel?

Betting strategies such as arbitrage and matched betting are the best for winning every time in FanDuel. Both of these betting techniques are based on simple mathematical betting steps.

Is it easy to win on FanDuel?

Winning bets at FanDuel is easy only with the right mathematical betting strategies. Matched betting and arbitrage betting are offering an easy way of generating profits at FanDuel.

How do you get big money on FanDuel?

Value betting based on overpriced odds or statistics is the most effective betting strategy to win big on FanDuel. This strategy will generate long-term gains if you can beat the betting lines of FanDuel.

What is the best strategy for FanDuel?

I’ve been sports betting since 2013 and based on my experience value betting and arbitrage betting are the best strategies for winning at US bookmakers such as FanDuel. Both of them are based on simple mathematical steps.

How do you win at FanDuel every time?

Arbitrage and matched betting are the only strategies to win every time you place bets at FanDuel. Both of these techniques require spotting odds differences between bookies and cover both outcomes at different betting sites.

Best tips and tricks for FanDuel?

My best tips, strategies, and tricks to beat FanDuel, in the long run, is to follow mathematical betting strategies such as value, arbitrage, or matched betting. Following reliable tipsters or bulletproof statistics are also a viable route to beating the bookmakers.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.