Europe online gambling statistics 2019-2027E

The gambling industry seems to face a serious increase from one year to another even though it’s a controversial topic and industry. After thorough research, I found many trustworthy statistical websites with historical data and estimations for the sports betting and gambling industry in Europe.

Which country in Europe gambles the most?

The country with the most active gamblers in Europe seems to be the United Kingdom. The gambling industry in the UK is well-established and regulated, and it is legal to gamble in all forms, including online, land-based, and sports betting.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, the gambling industry in the UK generated a gross yield of £14.5 billion in the financial year 2019/20. Additionally, a survey conducted by the Gambling Commission in 2019 found that approximately 45% of adults in the UK had participated in some form of gambling in the past four weeks.

Online gambling statistics in the UK

Interest in remote and online gambling have risen in recent years based on data gathered from This conclusion reflects the data about the evolution of gross gambling yield.

Within the past decade, the number of new players registering online has quadrupled. For remote betting alone, GGY in this sector reached approximately 32.65 billion British pounds in 2022.

Gross gambling yield statistics graph in Great Britain 2015-2022, by sector
Gross gambling yield in Great Britain 2015-2022, by sector
 Arcades (non-remote)Betting (non-remote)Bingo (non-remote)Casino (non-remote)Betting (remote)Bingo (remote)Casino (remote)Lotteries (remote and non-remote)The National Lottery (remote and non-remote)
Apr 15 – Mar 16418,063 318,19693,11999,381 743,91122,412 364,44379,773 416,80
Apr 16 – Mar 17424,933 310,84684,281 163,541 952,99161,152 661,04442,432 978,60
Apr 17 – Mar 18424,813 268,26680,011 180,722 251,61163,932 931,13502,293 007,80
Apr 18 – Mar 19446,503 261,86674,051 058,822 020,86176,193 108,43540,593 079,30
Apr 19 – Mar 20430,932 415,45576,311 017,592 325,81177,063 232,15612,733 399,21
Apr 20 – Mar 21258,071 035246,17116,702 644,46189,074 038,77634,973 531,65
Apr 21 – Mar 22*278,312 127,64388,63691,782 363,60183,543 897,74665,673 483,24

Gambling market revenue statistics in Europe

Online gambling market revenue statistics and estimation Europe (billion euros)
Gambling Market revenue Europe 2019 – 2027

Online gambling products yield statistics in Europe

Online gambling revenue by products statistics from Europe
Online gambling yield by Products – Europe
Online Gambling Product2019202020212022E2023E2024E2025E2026E2027E
Other/Skill Gaming0.

How big is the gaming/gambling industry in Europe?

According to a report by the European Gaming and Betting Association, the European Union’s online gambling market was valued at €24.7 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach €32.9 billion by 2023.

The market for land-based gambling in Europe is also substantial, with the total gross gaming revenue in Europe estimated to be around €45 billion in 2020. However, the size and regulation of the industry can vary greatly between different countries in Europe.

As gambling is a controversial topic, many politicians try lobbying towards bringing stricter gambling laws. Other governments change their point of view by giving the possibility of buying licenses after many years of restricting every outsider provider.

Number of gambling establishments in Great Britain 2009-2022 by type

Nr. of gambling establishments in Great Britain 2009-2022, by type
Nr. of gambling establishments in Great Britain 2009-2022, by type
 BettingAdult gaming centreBingoFamily entertainment centreCasino
March 20098 872 641 143
March 20108 822 496 141
March 20119 0672 103695293149
March 20129 1282 247646295146
March 20139 1001 671680362144
March 20149 1111 642710389147
March 20158 9951 610674331148
March 20168 9151 549654345152
March 20178 8001 548635271150
March 20188 5591 481657220152
March 20198 3041 464631209153
March 20207 6831 464635199156
March 20216 4621 3815851937
March 2022*6 2191 285609151144

Sources: EGBA, Statista