BetOnline vs Bovada Poker, SportsBetting, Casino? [2022]

Both Betonline vs Bovada are the biggest gambling and sports betting operators with similar functions, interfaces, odds, and betting markets. Both of them are used by thousands of US players who want to wager on their favorite sports or casino games.

As a summary of the comparison between Bovada vs Betonline, I would like to mention that both of them are offering great welcome bonuses, high odds, and a wide variety of markets and games.

Bovada has a slightly wider offer on sports, but BetOnline is superior in bonuses on sports, poker, and casino too.

They are covering many sports, leagues, and events that many of their competitors do not cover. 

BetOnline vs Bovada: comparison

1. Odds at BetOnline vs Bovada

For sports bettors, odds are one of the most important factors in choosing the right betting site. 

In a simple comparison between Bovada vs BetOnline, we can see that BetOnline is offering slightly higher odds. I have made some research, checking several sports and events on Basketball, Football, and soccer.

I have checked the profit margin of each bookmaker in different markets. My conclusion is that Betonline has a slightly lower house edge on bets. This will automatically mean that they are offering higher odds than Bovada.

1. Basketball odds Bovada vs BetOnline:

  • Spread: Bovada tends to offer slightly better odds, which can be noticed only in the decimal odds format. Bovada offers odds with a margin of 4.5% while BetOnline is giving a price with a juice of ~5%
  • Win: on the winner of the match BetOnline is dominating. On some matches, they are offering odds with a profit margin even below 3.30%. The difference between Bovada vs BetOnline here is around 0.50% in odds

2. Soccer odds BetOnline vs Bovada:

  • BetOnline is beating its competitor on almost every market on soccer. The profit margin difference on some markets gets up to even 0.7%.
  • Example: Bovada decimal odds on handicap: 1.98 – 1.847 (profit margin of 4.45%); Betonline odds for the same market: 2.02 – 1.84 (profit margin of 3.71%)

If you compare many markets between Bovada and BetOnline spotting identical odds and spread lines is easy. It’s not uncommon that bookies are offering the same prices. 

But in general, BetOnline as a great alternative site to Bovada has a lower profit margin that results in higher odds and more profits for the bettors.

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2. Sports coverage between BetOnline vs Bovada

Both bookmakers are covering a wide range of sports, but Bovada is offering slightly more. The following sports are available in Bovada but they are not covered: Gaelic games, handball, table tennis, and volleyball.

Both bookmakers are covering the main sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, MMA, etc.

If you are looking for very small leagues, Bovada seems to cover more of them. A simple example would be basketball where Bovada wins the race with over 80 leagues covered.

Conclusion: Bovada is offering more sports and more markets. But I have been betting since 2013 and based on my experience sports like table tennis or handball are not worth making a decision based on them. 

3. Betting markets

I think the available betting markets and odds are the most important factors when choosing the right bookmaker.

Both bookmakers are offering a wide variety of betting markets on the majority of popular sports. Besides the usual spread betting lines and winner markets, you can find handicaps, totals, correct scores, and future bets too.

Some betting markets are available in Bovada while others are offered only by Betonline. I would say that both bookmakers are perfect from this point of view for 98% of bettors.

4. Welcome Bonuses and Other Promotions

BetOnline is offering a great sign-up bonus of 50% up to $1,000, with a minimum deposit limit of $55 and a 10x rollover requirement. 

Unfortunately, Bovada is offering the least welcoming bonus of 50% bonus up to $250 with a 5x rollover requirement.

Each of these bookmakers is offering payment methods with crypto and great additional bonus offers too. If you choose BetOnline, you’ll get a 100% crypto bonus up to $1,000 with a minimum deposit as low as $20. In this case, the roll-over requirement is 14x. 

Bovada on the other hand is offering a bitcoin bonus of 75% up to $750 with a rollover requirement of 5x.

In the bonus fight of Bovada vs Betonline, the second bookie is the clear winner in the amount you can get. The only downside of their bonus offers is the higher roll-over requirement.

BetOnline has additional reload bonus offers on both crypto and fiat deposits. The only real additional bonus Bovada is offering is the refer-a-friend bonuses and the loyalty program. Each of these bookmakers is offering great bonuses on their casino platform, but there BetOnline also comes out as a winner.

5. Banking: BetOnline vs Bovada – Deposits and Withdrawal Time and Fees


BetOnline is offering different cryptocurrencies as deposit methods.

Minimum deposit: $20

Other deposit methods: credit cards, person-to-person, Money Order, wire transfers, and cashier checks. 

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Withdrawal at Betonline: you can withdraw your fund by using cryptos, peer-to-peer, wire transfers, and courier checks. 

The minimum you can withdraw to crypto wallets is $20 and $100,000 maximum.


Crypto payment methods available: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

Alternative payment methods: Zelle, MatchPay, credit cards, and vouchers.

Minimum deposit: 

  • $10 for BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC
  • $50 for ETH and wire transfers,

Withdrawal methods: can be processed by using cryptos, courier checks, and vouchers. 

Minimum withdrawals: $10 with BTC, BCH, and LTC 

Both BetOnline and Bovada are offering 1 free withdrawal each month. Bovada gives each player a $50 voucher which covers a monthly free withdrawal. BetOnline on the other hand is giving two free check payouts per month.

BetOnline is giving more options compared to Bovada including MoneyGram and wire transfers. But both bookies are focusing more and more on Crypto payment methods because of anonymous betting and faster processing.

Bovada vs. BetOnline card deposit fees

  • Bovada – 5.9% for card deposits
  • BetOnline – 7.5% for card deposits

As I already mentioned card payouts are not available at these bookmakers. 

6. Betonline vs Bovada Poker and Casino

Bovada and BetOnline are offering a great poker platform. At the moment Bovada is the top poker site. 

Poker and casino bonus offer Bovada vs Betonline

Bovada offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to $500. Although smaller compared to Betonline.

The BetOnline poker platform is not industry-leading, but for sure they are offering a great welcome bonus of 100% up to $1,000 is available which is paid in $10 increments.

Bovada is offering a signup bonus of 100% up to $3000 for their new casino users. 

BetOnline besides a sign-up bonus of 100% up to $3000 is offering a 20% monthly reload that can be redeemed weekly up to $500. 

BetOnline is also offering a 10% weekly casino rebate and many additional free spins, challenges, jackpots, and prizes.

7. BetOnline vs Bovada Betting limits

BetOnline has a fairly big advantage over Bovada when players are considering maximum betting stakes. 

When looking for the minimum stakes Bovada is leading with its minimum of $0.5 compared to BetOnline’s 1.00. 

But for many bettors, the maximum stake is more important whereas BetOnline is way better. A simple example can be NFL spread betting where Bovada is capped at 5,000.00 while BetOnline is offering a maximum stake of up to $25,000.

8. Mobile App

Having a great mobile app or at least a mobile-friendly user interface is a must if you want to keep many bettors active. Both BetOnline and Bovada provide a mobile app to sports bettors and casino players.

BetOnline has an app that seems more user-friendly compared to Bovada’s. It’s easier to use and navigate around while offering a faster interface. Having a faster app in betting is crucial. Even milliseconds can mean the difference between a winner and a lost bet.

9. Betonline vs Bovada – User reviews

BigDaddyFlexington – from reddit

“The interface on Bovada looks better but I think the lines are better with BetOnline, in general”

Darkcooo – reddit

“Betonline withdraws are easy and free daily”

SaveHogwarts -reddit

“I won’t lie, I’ve never used Bovada, but I’ve never had an issue with”

10. Customer service – Bovada vs Betonline

Getting to a level where both of these sites are is not possible without great customer service. 

Bovada and BetOnline have quality customer service that includes a live chat tool which is making a direct and fast answer possible. 

They both can be contacted by phone and email too with a fairly low waiting time.

You can also check my article about sites like Bovada.


Betonline vs Bovada Poker?

At the moment Bovada is the top poker site. But Betonline offers a great welcome bonus of 100% up to $1,000 is available which is paid in $10 increments.

Which is better Betonline vs Bovada?

In a simple comparison between Bovada vs BetOnline, we can see that BetOnline is offering slightly higher odds. I have made some research, checking several sports and events on Basketball, Football, and soccer.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

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