If you are not sure where to start with value betting or you don’t know which are the best bookies for value betting, you are at the right place.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will get some answers. But the most important thing is you being able to spot the best bookies for value betting for yourself.

Recommended bookmakers for value betting

RebelBetting has a decent database of the best bookies based on their tools, user results, and direct user feedback.

  • Bet365: wide range of markets, many value bets both pre-match and in-play, a decent chance for keeping your account live for a longer period, covered by each value bet finder.
  • Unibet: similar to bet365 but with better in-play value betting opportunities on smaller sports, tends to limit faster than bet365.
  • William Hill: trustworthy like the others mentioned above with a decent number of value bets but nothing exceptional.
  • Bwin: bookie with a great past for value bettors. Unfortunately, limits pretty fast if you are not focusing on in-play events and major sports/leagues.
  • Marathonbet: an insane amount of value bets, but almost impossible to keep your account healthy and without stake limitation. You can try following each rule to stay under the radar, but even in-play value betting will get your betting account limited pretty fast.
  • Coral
  • Interwetten
  • 10bet: excellent bookmaker for in-play value betting, don’t have too much experience with them on pre-match.
  • 5Dimes
  • Betclic: Decent bookmaker for value betting, many opportunities, but nothing special. Not the best one if you are focusing on pre-match value betting.
  • Novibet

Check my following tool to find out which service covers these bookies.

Best sharp bookmakers for value betting

No sharp betting site is the best for each sport and market. Most of them focus on sports with a bigger audience, such as football, tennis, or basketball.

I’ve tested some of the main big betting sites for hockey value betting.

My main conclusion: you might not want to take Pinnacle or Bet365 as a guide for finding the true odds of an outcome.

Both seem to be fairly soft on smaller sports.

 Some sports might be an exception.

Table tennis is a small sport with many unknown or little-known players.

Based on my experience Bet365 might be the best betting site to compare odds to when value betting.

I’m not saying they are sharp on table tennis, but most definitely, they are one of your best options.

When looking for the best sharp bookmaker for value betting it’s all about liquidity. In case it is low, anyone can move “sharp” odds with a decent stake. 

This is why Pinnacle is the best sharp bookmaker on bigger in-play events on football or tennis.

Pinnacle is the best sharp betting site for value betting on live markets, not as much as pre-match but still a good reference. Bet365 can be sharper on some smaller sports or markets.

How to find the best bookmakers for value betting?

Finding the best bookies for value betting might seem impossible if you don’t have any experience in this field.

When you find the first info about value betting and start believing in this strategy, the first obstacle you face is that you don’t know how to find value bets.

The second might be that you don’t know which positive EV bet finder (value betting software) is the best for your needs. Don’t worry it’s a normal thing that you might be confused about at the start.

As an aspiring value bettor, you might be from any part of the world either with access to many bookies, or sometimes you might use only 3-5.

You might have a decent starting capital and a high tolerance for risks or you just want to earn a little from value betting to increase your income.

No matter where you are coming from, here are some tips on how to find the best bookmakers for value betting that fits your needs:

  • Check which bookie has a legal license in your country/state: in most countries, a legal organ controls the licenses. You will have to check the white/approved list of bookies.

    If you are reading this article, I assume you already have some experience in sports betting, so you might already know which bookies are available for you. If not, you can also use google to find out which bookies are available for you by typing legal betting sites in + your country.

    I must warn you that the majority of articles are affiliated with bookies, so use their info with a little scepticism and make proper research. 
  • Check the pre-match/in-play offer of the bookie: one of the first steps I always take when looking for a new bookmaker for value betting is checking their offers.

    If they have a poor offer of markets (only 10-15) on football or in-play tennis, you might want to skip them. But other factors could make even these one of the best betting sites for value betting.
  • Check the house edge: the profit margin of a betting site is a great sign for figuring out if they are good for value betting or not. A bookie with a profit margin of 3% might be one of the best for value betting.

    But one with a 6% profit margin can also be an excellent betting site for value betting. Don’t know how to figure out their profit margin? Check the sure bet calculator of surebet.com.

    You insert the odds for both outcomes and the percentage it displays will be the house edge.
  • Check some reviews: many bookies might be on the approved lists of governments but this won’t guarantee you a problem-free value betting experience for you. You might want to check some real user reviews on forums to make sure they are not limiting and blocking winning players right from the start.
  • Use paid value betting software: the previous steps are decent ways for having a general picture of your possibilities when looking for the best bookies for value betting.

    But in the end, your true chance of spotting them always will be using a value bet finder. The moment of truth for you is when you apply their settings to compare your local bookies to sharp betting sites. If they display many value bets, they might be a good platform for value betting.

Which bookmakers provide the most value bets?

Slow-reacting betting sites to changes in sports events or new information about players or teams are the best for value betting. 

These bookies make the most mistakes and keep outdated and overpriced odds unchanged for a longer time. 

On the other hand, you should pay more attention to betting sites with a large variety of betting markets.

I know that in-play value betting is too challenging for most bettors.

But believe me when I say there is no better method for beating the bookies than in-play value betting.

The amount of data they have to process on live events makes them very vulnerable to smart bettors.

Just think about it! If you place a bet on pre-match events, they can easily process the bets and compare their odds to other betting sites. 

This system for catching pre-match smart bettors was available even 10 years ago. Do you believe you have a chance to cash-cow them on events before the match?

The answer is No.

You might make 500-1000 euros with a single betting account if you are very lucky.

On the other hand, bookies struggle to spot smart bets while the matches are in-play and make many mistakes, so bookmakers with a wide range of betting markets provide the most value bets. 

Best soft bookmakers for value betting

I’ve been using many betting sites for various smart betting strategies, including value betting, and based on my experience, some bookies are good for value betting and are known by many bettors.

At the same time, there is a smaller group of bookies you might find useless while they hide the real gold mine.

To spot the best bookmakers for value betting you either have to use a value bet finder which covers many, even smaller markets both for pre-match and in-play as well, or you need to have experience in finding value bets manually on markets not scanned by bookies.

The second option hides the most value betting opportunities that will also keep your account live for a longer time.

Bookmakers to avoid when value betting

With value betting, you will make a guaranteed profit in the long run based on the simple mathematical fact of using odds way above the true probability of winning them.

Some betting sites might not only limit your maximum stakes if they catch you following value betting tips but also close your account and ask for a bunch of documents for verification.

Of course, even trustworthy bookies follow the same procedure but some betting sites might not pay you out within a normal time.

Check some reviews about the bookie you want to deposit to. An opinion from a forum or Trustpilot might be the most accurate source of information.


Which are the best bookmakers for value betting?

William Hill and Bet365 are the best to start with bookmakers for value betting. In comparison, other bookies such as 10bet or Unibet can offer more betting opportunities.