Banned from bookies for winning too much? Can bookies legally ban you?

Bookmakers are companies with the main goal to generate profits. They are taking any possible steps to increase incomes and decrease their losses.

Many bettors are following strategies that are offering an advantage over the bookies.

Most of these techniques are based on mathematics. They can guarantee a decent income in the long run.

It’s well known that smart bettors are the percentage football statistics database

Can bookies legally ban you for winning too many bets?

Yes, bookies can restrict your betting activity with different methods. Banning your account, limiting your maximum stakes, and disallowing offers are the main and legal limitations for winning too many bets.

This question is very common among bettors who are starting to get enough knowledge about profitable betting systems.

Unfortunately winning too many bets won’t place you on their favorite players’ list.

First of all, we have to make something clear. Banning players is not a common restriction, even if you are winning too much.

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Most of the time only a few reasons are hard enough so you can face this serious action.

If your account gets flagged for any fraudulent activity, you can face the following consequences:

  • Getting your money confiscated
  • Your account can get a permanent ban

Bookmakers are forced to stop these kinds of actions, so banning in a situation like this is common. The sad part is that many times simple winning players will face the same restriction.

If you are a winning player, you have to face the truth.

When we open an account at any bookmaker, we are accepting their terms and conditions, right?

Well, have you ever opened that long page?

Have you ever checked those terms and conditions?

To be honest, I opened it several times but never checked every point of it.

Unfortunately, they have the right to almost anything. If we want to use their services, we have to accept their rules.

Bookies have backup plans against almost anything.

Do you think they would let you win as much as you want? Bad news for you: they don’t.

Why do sportsbooks ban winners?

Winners know their weak spots. Professional bettors are using strategies based on mathematical systems.

These are offering a decent advantage for them. In the long run, bookmakers can lose massive profits on these accounts.

If you are winning too much it can mean two things:

  • You are very experienced in a sport and you probably win more
  • You are using a strategy that is exploiting their mistakes (wrong odds or lines)

They can’t just let you win as much as you want.

How can bookies restrict your account if you win too much?

Bookmakers are using complex algorithms to flag accounts with suspicious activities.

You can be limited and banned for so many reasons, that it is hard to list them. 

Ask yourself: is sports betting bad? is almost normal after being limited so many times.

Let’s find out what is the main factor that can get you to these restrictions.

1. Getting Gubbed Bonus hunting or matched betting

If bookies can flag your account for matched betting, you can get a light limitation.

It is called being gubbed. It means you won’t get bonus offers in the future, and most probably they will cancel the existing one too.

You don’t have to win too many bets. Placing bets only when they offer a bonus, or using odds that are close to being overpriced are direct signs for them.

Matched betting is one of the most basic and easy techniques to learn. Bonus offers can be exploited and they can guarantee a decent income.

Following only this strategy will result in no profits for bookmakers. So, getting Gubbed will come sooner or later.

2. Maximum stake limitations

This is the most common limitation type. You can get it for many reasons. Arbitrage betting is the main reason why smart bettors face this restriction.

This strategy is based on finding overpriced markets. If you are not careful enough by following some basic rules, your account can get flagged in a very short time.

Most of them are using a gradual limitation method. In the first step, they might let you use stakes half as high as originally.

But using the same betting technique for a longer time will get your account limited to 0 or 1 euros of max stake.

Bettors who follow value betting strategies and tips are facing bans and restrictions significantly later. Even if they win too many bets, the account balance is not moving so fast.

3. Banning accounts

As I already mentioned, banning is rare. You have to make something fraudulent to get you kicked out.

Will they do it?

In short, yes. If you are using several accounts from the same IP, they won’t let you go away with the money.

Would they tell you why you were banned?

Would you get any reason?

In most cases, you will face a long conversation with customer service.

But most of the time you will get an answer like: it was the decision of our security team.

They are using filters to catch a player who is not generating any profit for the bookmaker.

You can even face strict verifications like asking for proof of income. Arbitrage bettors are often depositing large amounts to the same bookmaker.

An average punter does not have 10-15k euros in a month to deposit, where the minimum wage is just above 350-700 euros.

They can monitor all of your bets. If you are a regular bettor with ups and downs, you don’t have to be afraid of winning too many bets. They won’t ban you only for this.

Everyone can have a little luck sometimes.

Players who are using dropping odds strategies are not regular punters. Their account is fairly easy to flag for high rolling and using techniques that can end you up in good profits.

Arbitrage betting is the most punished betting strategy.

Exploiting price differences between bookmakers does not need too many winning bets to get banned.

How to stop bookies from banning you for winning too many bets?

First of all, we have to accept that every bookmaker will limit or even ban you for winning too much. You can be smart enough to make money from some sports.

You can exclude strategies like arbitrage or matched betting. But if they can spot your account for winning too much compared to the amount deposited, you will get limited.

They are companies that want profits. They can’t let anyone win 50-100k euros. And the truth is that winning bettors are rare and suspicious.

You can be the most trustworthy punter, if you win too much, they won’t support you.

Delaying this moment for as long as possible should be your main goal. In the following article, I have many tips to get away with your strategies for as long as possible.

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Can bookies ban you if you keep winning?

Bookmakers are banning winning players only in a few situations. They are using other methods to make you stop your betting strategies.

How to avoid getting banned from bookies?

You have to follow a lot of strict rules if you want to delay getting banned or limited.

Do bookies care if you win?

If they can’t suspect you with any smart strategy, you won’t face limitations for a long time.

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