Betting on both teams for a guaranteed win

If you are a sports fan, you have probably tried at least once to place bets on upcoming sports events. Or if not, you have a friend who is placing bets on his favorite teams.
Most of the time you run out of luck and you lose your bet after an unpleasant event on the match.

This is the moment when you could ask yourself:

Can I bet on both teams on a sports event and make a profit on it?

Betting on both teams on sports and making guaranteed profit is possible. There are two types of this approach: arbitrage betting and matched betting.

Many bettors made even a living (including myself) by excluding the luck factor from sports betting and decided to cover each outcome.

Strategies to place a bet on both teams and win

1. Arbitrage betting

Betting on both teams, no matter what the odds are is a simple way make sure you will win at least one bet. But there is a little trick to make this method even profitable.

To make a guaranteed profit on these kinds of bets, also called sure bets, you need to find odds discrepancies between bookies.

  • For example, at the first bookie, the tennis player A has an odd of 2 (I’m from Europe so I use decimal odds), and the player B at the other bookmaker has 2.10.

These odds differences appear on almost each sports event and at each betting site. The bookies receive different information about the events or sometimes they are slow in processing them.

This cases create odds differences between bookies.

  • You place a stake at the first bookie with 100 euros on odds of 2 and at the other bookmaker on the second player, you place a stake of 95 euros on an odd of 2.10.

No matter who wins you will end up with a profit of approximately 4.5 euros and this is a guaranteed win because you placed bets on both teams.

This mathematical betting technique of simultaneously covering each outcome with a guaranteed profit is called arbitrage betting or sure betting.

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2. Matched betting

Matched betting was and still is the easiest and and simplest to learn betting strategy to place bets on both teams/outcomes and still make a guaranteed profit.

This betting technique comes down to two factors if you want to be profitable:

  • You need to find slightly overpriced odds
  • Betting offers are essential

Matched betting is focused on taking advantage of the bonus offers by excluding risks when placing bets on each outcome and completing the bonus roll-over requirements without losing money.

Many services such as Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey have excellent beginner guides on how to practice this strategy.

I also have a no-risk matched betting guide on that can help you in starting to profit from sports with very low, almost non existent risks.

What happens if you bet on both teams to win?

Betting on both teams or every possible outcome on sports events will guarantee you, no matter who wins, winning at least one outcome.

If you are watching several bookmakers you can notice that on almost every market they have some kinds of discrepancies.

These odds differences are offering us smart bettors the opportunity to take advantage of them. Placing a bet on odds that are higher than at other bookmakers will give us an advantage over bookies.

If you cover the other team or player somewhere else, you will make a guaranteed profit. This technique is called arbitrage betting.

You can place a bet on both teams without wrong odds and still win. Matched betting is the technique that is allowing this. You can easily take advantage of bonuses offered by bookies.

A lot of people (like me) made good profits from this strategy.

But keep in mind that betting on both outcomes is a viable option if you are placing the bets at different bookmakers.

Betting on both teams at the same bookie will cause you unpleasant surprises like stake limitations or even your account can get banned.

The only way of placing bets at both outcomes and not being punished for that is using betting exchanges like Betfair or sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle or some Asian ones.

If you want to bet on both teams to win, you need to know the followings:

  • Bookmakers don’t like it if you bet on both teams on their platform. This kind of activity can lead to limitations or they can close your account.
  • Betting on both teams or arbitrage betting is a smart betting activity. Smart bettors are not welcomed by bookmakers, because they don’t lose money in the long run.
  • To avoid problems with bookmakers, you have to place bets on different bookmakers. This way you can bet on both winners and bookmakers can’t know your intentions.
  • Placing arbitrage bets means guaranteed profit because you are beating the bookmakers. The balance at bookmakers will grow and bookmakers will flag you as a smart bettor. If you are placing arbitrage bets and you are flagged as an arbitrage bettor after some time your maximum stake will be limited (even to 0).
  • Arbitrage betting can be a good side hustle for anyone who has access to bookmakers and has a little starting capital. If you learn a lot about arbitrage betting and other kinds of smart betting strategies, you can make it for a living too.

How do you bet on both outcomes on sports events?

Before mentioning the practical steps of this betting technique I have to warn you that this way of making money is not liked by the bookies.

Betting on wrong odds will make them vulnerable. You are decreasing their profits in the long run.

But betting on both sides using these overpriced lines will make you a guaranteed profit without taking risks.

  • Before stepping on the road of arbing, value betting or any kind of professional bettor technique, I advise you to learn more about the risks and downsides of this great opportunity.

The more knowledge you get before really starting it, the more profits you can make and the more sustainable your income can be from sports betting.

Steps to follow on how to bet on both team to win:

  • Open accounts at more than one bookmaker available in your country
  • Find overpriced outcomes that are good enough for an arbitrage opportunity
  • Calculate the stakes for both of the outcomes (arbitrage calculators)
  • Open the markets at both of the bookmakers
  • Place the bets with calculated stakes for this arbitrage bet
  • Enjoy the profits!

If you don’t know how to find arbitrage bets, read the following article.

You might think that arbitrage betting is not legal. You can read about this here.


What happens if you bet on both teams to win?

It will guarantee you that no matter who wins, you win at least one outcome. With the right strategy you will make profits too.

How do you bet on both outcomes on sports events?

Arbitrage and matched betting are the best strategies for this.

Can you place a bet on both teams to win?

Yes if you are placing them at different bookmakers.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting, and switched to full-time value betting.