Betfair Scalping and Automated Bots

Both Betfair scalping and automated betting bots/software are getting more and more attention.

I tried to write an article about these topics as detailed as possible, but I know not everyone likes to read this much. So, below you can find the top software for these strategies!

betwasp automated software

Geekstoy for Betfair Scalping?

Geekstoy is one of the most popular tools for scalping at Betfair. They are popular for a good reason.

Many smart traders are using them with great success, generating a predictable income without the fear of getting limited by the bookmaker

BetWasp semi-automated betting app

BetWasp is the new product of one of the most important arbitrage betting software in this industry.

You can place arbitrage bets with a single click, and the soft is taking care of opening the bookie, bet slip and placing the bets.

Find out more about this new generation of betting technology in my following review.

What is a Betfair bot?

A software that can complete tasks without too much human input, or in other words an automated software is also called a bot.

These software’s are created to take action if certain criteria are met.

Most of the time these programs are created to replace human actions that are repeated too often.

But on the other hand, their role can be to take actions way faster than a normal person could react.

In sports betting a lot of actions are repeated and can be described with codes.

For example:

following the odds and lines on a tennis or football match is a recurrent act. Every time you see an odds movement that is favourable for your betting strategy, you take action.

Betfair bots have the main purpose to execute these odds scannings. If a criterion is met, for example, an odd on a team is higher than expected, the bot is triggered and will execute a command.

Most of the time this command will be placing a bet. These automated betting bots have been on the market for years and some of them are developed for personal use only.

These programs can be used for several betting strategies like arbitrage betting, value betting, scalping, and even courtside betting.

Do Betfair bots work?

Automated software or bots for Betfair are definitely working.

Even after a short research, you can find forum and blog comments where developers share their experience about their automated sure betting software.

The general opinion is that most of these bots won’t make you a millionaire. Most users are making only a small amount of profit on their bets, but these ones are adding up in the long run.

Betfair bots and other automated software are working and they can generate profit, but they are complicated.

To develop one that is working without major problems, you need a lot of knowledge in software development.

A fair amount of experience in betting and a good, profitable strategy are also required.

Are automated bots profitable in sports betting?

If you own a betting strategy that is profitable for you in the long run too, then developing a bot that is profitable is totally possible.

A lot of smart bettors who follow different kinds of football betting strategies have already done this. The biggest advantage of these bots is not the profit they can generate, but the time they give you back.

Even a well-developed software will require some attention to improve the code and the strategy too. But the free time you can get is worth the time to write one of these.

How can you write a bot to automate betting at Betfair?

As I already mentioned this way of sports betting requires a lot of skills. If you are able to bet like this, you will have a big advantage over bookies and over other bettors too.

But to build a working bot you will need the following skills:

  • Knowing a profitable betting strategy that can be automated
  • Programming skills in a coding language like Javascript or Python are essential
  • Access to bookmaker accounts and most preferably to their API

You can already find bots that are available for anyone. These can be used at Betfair too and with a profitable strategy applied you can generate decent profits.

Their downside is that almost anyone can find and access them, which will cause the lines and odds to move faster.

Finding a strategy online will mean that you are not the only one trying to make profits with it.

If you have the skills to build an app for yourself, the time you invest will most probably be worth it.

What is scalping?

Scalping is a simple betting strategy that is based on getting in the market and in a very short time getting out too. This betting technique is practised and liked by a lot of traders.

The risk you take with scalping is definitely not zero, but the strategy can generate decent profits for experienced bettors. It is very similar to arbitrage betting.

A trader is taking advantage of price differences that will generate a small amount of profit. The big advantage of scalping comes in the long run.

These small profits of 1-4 euros are adding up, and placing 20-30 trades like this will generate a fair amount of income.

Most of the time scalping is based on a simple, yet profitable strategy which allows traders to make one or two ticks of profit.

After the profit is met, the trader is closing the bets, most of the time between 30 seconds and 2 minutes after placing the bet.

How does Scalping work?

The crucial element of successful scalping is finding the right matches and the right markets. The main element of this betting strategy is the odds movement.

To find good markets that will allow you to place successful scalp bets you need an event with a big volume of bets.

A busy market for a fast odds moving sport will create a lot of opportunities. Most of the time a bigger football event or horse racing is the most favoured by traders.

A lot of them are practicing scalping on horse races right before the event starts.

This timing is the most effective for this betting strategy because the volume is getting higher and the odds are moving faster.

Horse racing is very popular in the UK so a lot of money is flowing in. Betfair is one of the best interfaces to bet on horse races because a lot of bettors are using their services.

The exchanges are offering them high odds and a possibility to place bigger stakes without the fear of getting limited or the bet getting voided.

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This high volume offers a good opportunity for smart bettors like value bettors or for those who are scalping.

It’s not a secret that the most odds moving are taking place on the favourite horses. Those are the ones who receive the most stake and the most attention.

How do you scalp a horse at Betfair?

Placing bets on horses that are getting a lot of attention and the odds movement are very frequent.

When the odds start dropping you lay the same horse to cover your initial bet. Basically, your first bet will be staking on the horse to win and the second bet will cover every other outcome.

Laying is betting that your horse won’t win. Place your lay bet at lower odds than your first one and it will guarantee you a profit no matter which horse will end up as a winner.

The only real rule is to lay your initial bet at lower odds than your first one.

For example:

If you bet on a horse with an odd of 3.6 and after some seconds or minutes, you place a lay bet on the same horse for example on odds of 3.4.

The secret in this betting strategy is to know a sport well enough so you can predict when and on which market will the odds drop. This way you can make a guaranteed profit.

I will show you an example from horse racing and from football too, so you can see how it is really working.

In the picture below you can see that backing (place a bet) the favorite horse on odds of 2.5 and I’m expecting that the odds will drop to 2.40.

betfair scalping

When the lay bet has dropped to the odds of 2.40 you can realize a small profit of 1 pound after backing the horse with 100 pounds.

In the laying calculator, I introduced the odds, so you can see that after a stake of 100 Pounds on the favourite and 106.38 pounds stake on lay, the profit realized is 1.06.

scalping betfair horse lay calculator

Scalping example for football

This football betting strategy can be used on matches with a high volume of bets, but not necessarily in a very fast-moving market.

A simple strategy would be watching the stream live and taking action at certain events.

For example: in the minute of 70, you see a big injury or fault.

Most of the time they will stop the match for several minutes. Placing a bet on under markets fast enough will give you an opportunity for scalping.

While they are taking care of the injured player, the time is still going and the odds for under are dropping.

This is just a very simple strategy, and to be honest, it wasn’t tested by me, but I know people who made decent profits with it.

Is Betfair scalping profitable?

The basic thing we need to understand is that scalping is not the strategy that will make you rich overnight. The profits come from placing a lot of trades.

These bets are generating only a little percentage of profits like 2% – 4% of your total bet. Most of the time this will mean a profit of 2 – 5 pounds on a single race.

This amount could seem very low. But keeping in mind that you have the opportunity to place 25 – 30 on a daily basis, this could mean a profit between 80 – 130 pounds too.

Trading in sports events can be tricky for beginners and has a lot of difficulties. To make consistent profits in the long run too you have to gain a lot of experience and you need to be very fast.

The odds are moving very fast, so using specialized trading software is a must for this activity.

Scalping on Betfair with automated tools and bots

If you are a beginner, trading without emotions and human error are almost impossible. Taking betting and trading decisions, no matter what strategy you follow will decrease your profits.

I am using several betting strategies for example value betting and even arbitrage betting too.

After some mistakes, some wrong bets, and a significant loss no matter how professional I am, even after several years of betting, I can get emotional.

In these situations, emotionally charged decision-making is almost inevitable from time to time.

Automating the betting process will help you avoid mistakes caused by emotions and human errors.

But if you are a beginner, you should take into consideration the following things:

  • As I already mentioned building an automation tool is not easy. Even for experienced programmers will be challenging, because a lot of new information needs to be learned about betting, API, and other stuff too
  • If you have enough knowledge in coding, you might stand a chance to develop a betting bot for Betfair. But here comes another downside.
  • You might think that with a bot you can automatize and speed up the betting process. The sad truth is that a lot of people are already using this kind of soft.
  • In this industry speed is king. Some milliseconds will make the difference between a profitable bot and a useless one.
  • Some developers made their betting bot so fast, and they are positioned so close to servers that they are able to place bets before a lot of other automated tools
  • A lot of Betfair traders are successful in betting because they are specialized in certain strategies and automation tools.


My opinion is that automation tools are the future of successful sports betting and trading on exchanges. At the present, these bots are the last step toward being really successful without spending too much time working.

These tools require a deep understanding of a trading strategy or betting technique that is profitable and can be automatized.

On the other hand, coding skills are inevitable if you want to develop a working bot.

Using bots that are already available for everyone can be profitable if the strategy itself is unique.

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What is a Betfair bot?

A software that can complete tasks without too much human input, or in other words automated software is also called a bot.

Do Betfair bots work?

Automated software or bots for Betfair are definitely working and they are profitable.

How does Scalping work?

The crucial element of successful scalping is finding the right matches and the right markets. The main element of this betting strategy is the odds movement.

Is Betfair scalping profitable?

The basic thing we need to understand is that scalping is not the strategy that will make you rich overnight. The profits come from placing a lot of trades.