BetBurger vs RebelBetting: Which is the best arb scanner service?

Both of these services have been on the market for a long time. 

BetBurger and RebelBetting as well have earned a good reputation by offering quality arbitrage and value betting opportunities. 

In the table below I will compare the major properties a bettor is looking for.

BetBurger vs RebelBetting Comparison table

Scanning Speed4.5/54.5/5
Odds Accuracy4.3/54.5/5
Nr. of arbs4.7/54.5/5
Bookies scanned80 Pre + 231 clones
88 in-play + 234 clones
Sports Scanned36 + Esports10+ ESports
Markets Scanned9 +
Cross Markets
6 +
Cross markets
Pre-match arbAvailableAvailable
In-play arbAvailableNo
Value betsAvailableAvailable
API for botsAvailableNo
Filter options4.9/54.8/5
Pre-match arb price
(1 Month)
€129.99€99/ €219
(2 weeks free)
In-play arb price
(1 Month)
Pre-match value price
(1 Month)
Pro – 219
(2 weeks Free)
In-play value price
(1 Month)
Free versionUp to 1% arbs
60 sec delay
2 weeks free
(no limitation)

Scanning speed: BetBurger vs RebelBetting

Based on my experience they have a very similar refreshing rate. However, I experienced significantly more scanning issues at Betburger.

They are scanning more markets and bookmakers who can make their service more vulnerable to scanning issues. 

Approx once a week I experienced completely wrong odds, or slow scanning & refreshing speed.

But I have to mention that BetBurger is active on forums. 

After getting messages about these issues, their developer team can solve the problems fairly fast. I think this fact by itself should not be a big factor in your decision.

BetBurger | Arbs service

Bookmakers scanned

Both of them are constantly scanning a lot of bookmakers. Every main and important one is covered at both of them. BetBurger displays the additional ~230 clone bookies too.

Sports scanned

Rebelbetting is scanning 10 main sports categories. On the other hand, BetBurger displays arbitrage opportunities on 36 different sports. Both of them cover Esports.

My personal opinion is that in 99% of cases the amount of sports RebelBetting covers is way enough. 

Only a couple of bettors can take advantage of every option, BetBurger is offering.

Services: BetBurger vs RebelBetting

The biggest advantage of BetBurger is its In-play scanner engine. Most services do not offer this option. 

These days pre-match arbitrage and value betting are getting harder and harder. 

Most bookmakers are fairly fast in spotting smart bettors. This fact by itself makes live betting more advantageous.

BetBurger offers Arbitrage and Value betting services for Pre-match and In-play too. On the other hand, RebelBetting focuses only on Pre-match.

You might think this is a bad point for RebelBetting. 

But based on experience offering good, quality opportunities for Pre-match is easier. The bookies and the scanning services too can make sure that the offered odds are close to reality. 

This way the profitability is more predictable.

BetBurger | Arbs service

The main purpose of a scanning service is to:

  • Get as many customers as possible
  • Offer predictable and profitable service
  • Help bettors gain almost guaranteed profits in every situation
  • Keep their existing customers satisfied

Based on my personal experience In-play arbing and value betting is tricky. 

It has a lot of downsides, and the knowledge you need to succeed is significantly higher than at pre-match betting.


As you can see, there is a slight difference between their pricing for Pre-match arbing.

  • Rebelbetting has 2 plans: 89 euros for Starter Plan and 179 for Pro.
  • BetBurger is offering a one-month plan for 129 euros.

Both of them offer a monthly package for value betting with different conditions:

  • BetBurger for €79
  • RebelBetting for €89

BetBurger offers the whole service without any restrictions for this price.

BetBurger | Arbs service

RebelBetting limits the maximum number of bets and the profitability too. You can opt-in for a pro version for €179.

This offer could seem worse, but RebelBetting is offering a 2 week Free trial for their value betting services.


I have used almost every scanning service over the years.

And my personal experience with the interface of these services is the following:

I think the layout of an arbitrage scanner service is not a major choice point. 

Our goal is to generate profits in the long run, which needs a fast and accurate scanner service at an affordable price.

A lot of people emphasize how one service has a bad interface and the other one is better. 

BetBurger | Arbs service

Based on my experience 95% of these websites or applications have a very similar layout. The major differences are the position of filters and settings.

In the daily usage of these services, these interfaces won’t make any difference. Some of the websites have outdated colouring for example, but they have excellent service.

BetBurger is running only in a web browser, while RebelBetting has its arbing service in a downloadable application and the value betting one in the web browser.

BetBurger vs RebelBetting: Conclusion

  • For Pre-match betting, I couldn’t choose between them
  • Both of them are offering good services at affordable prices
  • For value betting, they have a different pricing strategy (I think RebelBetting is more affordable with their 2 weeks of free trial)
  • For In-play betting the choice is obvious

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