Best sports for arbitrage betting in 2021

Best sports for arbitrage betting in 2021

Arbitrage betting is the most risk-free smart betting strategy for a guaranteed profit. I practiced it for years before moving to value betting. To be honest I prefer value betting over arbitrage betting because it can offer more profits with the downside of being riskier. If you prefer arbitrage betting over the other smart betting techniques for its low-risk, you could ask the following question:

What are the best sports for arbitrage betting?

The best sports for arbitrage betting are those with a lot of betting opportunities without the very high risk of getting your accounts limited too early. The best sports for smart bettors are football, tennis, hockey, basketball. But there are more with great potential. Keep reading for a detailed analysis of the best sports for arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage betting on Football

arbitrage betting on football

Football is the most played sport and the most followed globally. It is estimated that football has 4 billion followers worldwide. The number of leagues and teams is almost innumerable, and financially football has a big impact on the economy too.

Football is the most followed sport by the bookmakers, with a big variety of leagues and betting market coverage.

Bettors have the possibility to place their tips on almost every possible event on the match. The amount of money that flows into bets on football makes it the most important sport for bettors and bookmakers too.

Football has a long history, and it is offering a good base for creating odds provider services. These services are using almost the same data for defining the real probability of football events.

Fortunately for arbitrage bettors, some of them are not so fast and accurate in defining these odds, which is creating good opportunities and income sources for smart bettors.

But why is football one of the best sports for arbitrage betting?

Odds providers can define the sharpest odds on football. The more accurate and sharp odds can a bookmaker provide, the higher the stake limit can be on those markets.

If bookmakers are confident in their odds, they will offer way higher stake limits for your bets and they will limit your account later.

If you are betting on markets and leagues that have high limits, your account can last longer with a better chance of placing bigger stakes. This rule only applies to big leagues with more attention on them.

Bookmakers are offering a lot of markets on football matches. Slower markets like the winner of the match can offer good arbitrage opportunities.

On faster markets like over/under goals or corners, you have more chances to find differences between bookmakers. Football is the most followed sport by arbitrage bettors and by normal bettors too.

This is helping your smart betting activity harder to be spotted.

The more people are betting on the same sport, the less attention your account will get.

The more markets bookmakers are offering, the more vulnerable they can be against smart bettors because of offering wrong odds.

The fact that football has such a big number of followers, is making it the most common sport to bet on as a normal bettor.

So, betting on football as an arbitrage bettor won’t be a strange betting behavior like for example betting on Ping-Pong.

Want to find more arbs faster than the other bettors?

Based on my personal experience and the general opinion in this industry, I can say that OddStorm is the best arb betting service for football. 

Their subscription prices might seem a little bit high. But if you have some experience in arbitrage betting, their tools will bring you 30% more profits on football.

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Arbitrage betting on Tennis

Tennis is my all-time favorite for arbitrage betting. Based on some statistics tennis is the fourth most followed sport, with approximately 1 billion followers worldwide.

At bookmakers, you will find this sport as the second or third most important on their list. The fact that so many people are following tennis, makes it obvious that a lot of people are betting on it too.

The true odds, real probability of outcomes on tennis are harder to predict. This is making tennis a good sport for arbitrage bettors. A lot of wrong odds are appearing before the event with a good chance of exploiting them.

I think for live arbitrage betting tennis is one of the best sports, because for multiple reasons:

  • Tennis is a very fast sport, unpredictable points, and game-winners can happen at any time. The bookmakers can’t adjust their odds fast enough every time, which is creating a lot of arbitrage opportunities.
  • You have a wide variety of markets with a lot of chances for wrong odds. A lot of the markets are so specific, that even a little change in the match can create surebet opportunities
  • A lot of the markets are finished in a short time, allowing arbitrage bettors to finish their bets quickly. The faster a market is finished, the faster your bet will be evaluated and you can use the money for a new bet. You have very many possibilities for placing arbitrage bets. On a single tennis event, you can place 10+ bets, and some of them can be finished in 1 hour. This way you can turn over way more money on a 60 minutes long tennis match than at a 90 minutes long football match.
  • A lot of bettors are placing bets on tennis events, so arbitrage bettors will get less attention
  • Stake limits are fairly high
  • Not every arbitrage betting scanner is covering tennis.
  • If you read my review about BetBurger, you can have some advantage against other bettors and bookies too (they are less likely to limit you on tennis – my personal experience). 

Downsides of arbitrage betting on tennis:

  • The number of matches is way less than at football
  • Arbitrage betting in pre-match tennis is the same as hard as betting on football, but if you are betting in live, tennis needs way more focus and experience. You need to know how tennis is played, in which moments are appropriate to place bets without risking too much on odds movement.
  • Tennis rules between bookmakers can be different. A lot of bookmakers have different rules about the retirement of a player. Some of them are voiding every bet, some of them only for certain markets. Before you start arbitrage betting on tennis, it is wise to check these rules to avoid the chance of losing money this way.

If you click on the following links, you can read my review about two cheap/accessible Arbitrage scanner services.

ArbMate review! Breaking Bet review!

Arbitrage betting on Hockey

Arbitrage betting on hockey is very similar to football betting. A lot of markets are very similar. The speed of events is faster, with more action and more scores, so a lot of wrong odds can appear.

In my experience, the maximum stake in hockey matches is lower than at football or tennis. This sport has some advantages over the other ones.

The dynamic of this sport is faster than at football, which can offer surebet opportunities more often. But compared to tennis you have more time to place your bets without a very high chance of odds movement (in live betting).

The difference in bookmaker rules can make you have hard times if you are not well informed. Before betting on hockey, you should check the terms and conditions to avoid any rule difference between bookies.

Hockey has a big number of followers, but the number of matches is not as high as at football. The other downside of arbitrage betting on hockey is that not every bookmaker has a wide variety of markets and also, they are not covering every league.

Finding arbitrage bets on Basketball

Basketball is my other favorite for smart betting. The sport itself is very fast, very dynamic which is making it very entertaining to watch.

arbitrage betting on basketball

This sport is one of those, which is worth the time to learn and to watch. A lot of bettors made a fortune on learning every information about basketball players and teams.

But in our case, arbitrage betting does not require deep knowledge about basketball to make decent money on it. In pre-match arbitrage betting, you can find a decent amount of wrong odds, even in higher leagues.

But if you have enough experience and you know this sport well, arbitrage betting on basketball can be one of your best income sources.

The odds are moving very fast, a three-pointer scored can have a big impact on odds. The fast movement of odds is making the bookmakers vulnerable against smart bettors.

After using Betburger for several years, I can say that their services are helping me to spot good betting opportunities. 

Click here to read my Betburger review.

A lot of bookmakers can’t change the odds fast enough, or sometimes they are not getting very accurate information from the providers.

These mistakes are very common in basketball matches, and to be honest, I think you can find the most surebet opportunities in this sport.

The fact that you can find so many wrong odds is not making basketball the best sport for arbitrage betting. In order to be successful, you need a lot of experience, and you need to be very fast in placing every outcome of your bets.

I think that basketball is a better income source for value bettors because they don’t need to make calculations and can act very fast.

Basketball is a very popular sport in most countries, which is making it popular in the betting world too. As an arbitrage or value bettor, you will meet decent stake limits on most of the big leagues.

Down below you can read my review about the best and FREE arbitrage scanner services!

Free Arbitrage scanners

Or if you want to make more money on bigger arbs,

you can have a look at my comprehensive Comparison Table about the best arbitrage scanner services!

Best Arbitrage Scanners table

Other interesting sports for arbitrage betting are Baseball and Volleyball

To be honest I do not have much experience with these sports. I preferred live arbitrage betting and value betting because the accounts are lasting way longer if my bets are not before the start.

I live in Europe, which is making it harder to bet on Baseball because the matches are taking place at night.

You can find a lot of baseball matches with a fairly high maximum stake. In pre-match, a lot of bookmakers are not offering too much market, which is making it harder to find good surebet opportunities.

However, in live betting, you can find a lot of wrong odds with good maximum stakes. Volleyball, on other hand, is a fast sport that is generating good arbitrage opportunities.

This sport is not so commonly used by bettors. Generally speaking, a sport with less attention can offer you good possibilities, but I would be careful with betting big stakes on volleyball.

Want to find the best bookmakers for arbitrage betting? Read this article!

Conclusion about the best sports for arbitrage betting

I think football is the best sport for arbitrage bettors with not enough experience. You have a lot of time for calculating your stakes and placing your bets. The rules for bets are the same at every bookmaker, and the maximum stakes are fairly high.

For smart bettors with more experience, tennis and basketball can be the best sports for their arbitrage betting activity. The odds are moving very fast, this way creating a lot of opportunities for smart bettors. The risk of making mistakes is higher, but you can place a lot more bets.

I have dedicated articles for Nigerian and Kenyan bettors too about the best arbitrage betting sites.


Best sports for arbitrage betting?


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