Top 7 Arbitrage Betting Software in the UK [2023]

I actively used many of these arbitrage bet finders for many years (and I’m still using BetBurger), while others supported my betting activity for months or weeks.

Below are my top 3 picks both for professional and beginner levels as well.

No.1 Pre-match in the UK

rebelbetting value betting logo


Best-performing pre-match arbitrage betting software

Focus zone: EU & UK
Scanning speed: 4.9/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.8/5
Filters: 4.8/5

14-day free trial!

RebelBetting Review →

No.1 In-play in UK

betburger arbitrage betting software logo


Arbitrage bet finder with real-time scanning & total bookie coverage

Focus zone: Eu & UK
Scanning speed: 4.8/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.8/5
Filters: 4.7/5

Free trial (limited)

BetBurger Review →

Beginner Friendly icon2

Beginner-friendly budget, pre-match sure bet finder

Focus zone: Europe & UK
Scanning Speed: 4.6/5
Odds Accuracy: 4.4/5
✓ Bookies: 200+ Review →

Arbitrage betting is one of the most popular betting strategies in the UK that can offer a guaranteed profit after every bet. Using the most effective yet affordable arbitrage bet finder is a crucial element of every arbitrage betting activity.

This article is dedicated to arbitrage bettors in the UK who want to pick the right software for their needs. I have used every arb finder in this list during my sure betting activity. 

Best Arbitrage Betting Software in the UK

1. BetBurger in the UK

After several years of using BetBurger, saying that I know almost every one of their bugs, strengths, and tools is not an exaggeration. 

Advantages of BetBurger for arbitrage betting in the UK:

Arbitrage betting at UK Bookies: They are scanning 80 bookmakers + 234 of their clone bookies – by covering almost all of the UK bookies

Sports Scanned: Scanning all of the popular sports + the smaller ones = 36 + Esports in Total

Markets Covered: 9 different markets and combining them (cross-market arbs)

What I Like/Dislike About BetBurger:

Benefits of BetBurger

  • By far the most comprehensive in-play sure bet & value betting scanner
  • 80+ betting sites + 231 of their clones scanned
  • Free version available for unlimited time (maximum profit limited to 1% & at value bets to 2%)
  • Very fast scanner (Top 3)
  • Beginner and simple interface and filters
  • Redirection tool to bookie (at many bookies)
  • Fast customer service reaction
  • Many smaller local bookies are scanned that cannot be found at other services
  • Many markets scanned, cross markets sure bets included

Drawbacks of BetBurger

  • On very busy weekends you can experience bugs and errors
  • Minor errors are not solved right away (which is normal)
  • Not a beginner-friendly pricing (but you can make more profits with this software compared to other services)

BetBurger offers free access to all of their tools with some limitations: max arb percentage is 1% with a delay of 60 sec.

BetBurger is one of the most expensive arbitrage bet finders for a good reason. They are covering a large number of bookmakers, which is essential for arbitrage betting from the UK. Their cross-market scanner is displaying significantly more opportunities than most of their competitors.

Arbitrage bettors from the UK should use their services if:

  • Looking for an all-in-one tool, with all of the bookies, sports, and In-play sure betting
  • Have some experience with this betting technique or matched betting
  • Want a service that redirects them to bookies

BetBurger Review

Main interface:

betburger main interface

If you ever used a sure bet finder, you can see that BetBurger has the same user interface as many of its competitors. This can help you easily find each setting, such as hiding unnecessary betting options or accessing the filters.

Proof of using BetBurger for many years:

me using betburger arbitrage betting proof

My takeaway about BetBurger for UK bettors:

I need to mention that each smart betting software has its main focus audience. Many bettors try sure betting for the first time, and for them, pre-match betting is the easiest and most convenient way of getting some experience while making profits.

BetBurger has an excellent pre-match sure bet finder. However, their pricing and filters require more experience in this field to take advantage of them truly.

Arbitrage bet finders with a higher monthly price tag have been in the business for many years and already have a client circle with many years of experience; they will focus on these people.

This is why beginners who can’t place bets fast enough will struggle to generate enough profits to cover their expenses, such as a subscription plan for the sure bet finder of BetBurger.

For them, I would suggest the following arbitrage finder, which might be the best in the UK for pre-match sure betting.

BetBurger arbitrage betting software in the UK filters
BetBurger filters



  • 1 day: €7.99
  • 7 days: €44.99 (€6.43/day)
  • 30 days: €129.99 (€4.33/day)
  • 180 days: €649.99 (€3.61/day)
  • 360 days: €1299.99 (€3.61/day)


  • 1 day: €12.99
  • 7 days: €69.99 (10/day)
  • 30 days: €229.99 (€7.67/day)
  • 180 days: €1149.99 (€6.39/day)
  • 360 days: €2299.99 (€6.39/day)

Layout and interface:

  • Each of their services runs perfectly in the browser
  • They don’t have a downloadable application
  • Using BetBurger on mobile phones is not impossible, but other services are better optimized for mobile
  • Each filter and setting is arranged in a way that even beginners will figure them out quickly

Product updates:

  • Sportium is no longer LadBrokes clone – it’s scanned separately
  • Bet365 reserve bookie added to list – the odds for Bet365 (reserve) are aggregated from several sources at ones which lead to verified and up-to-date odds and less downtime in scanning
  • 07.07.2022 – Fractional odds format added
  • 30.05.2022 – CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends identified as separate sports

2. RebelBetting arbitrage finder for UK

For pre-match, RebelBetting is a big competitor of BetBurger from many points of view. They are not scanning so many bookies, but based on my experience, their sure bets are more accurate. 

Their scanner is making fewer mistakes with fewer downtimes overall.

Advantages of RebelBetting for arbitrage betting in the UK:

Sports Scanned: they are covering the main sports + the smaller ones = 10 + Esports in Total

Markets Covered: 6 different markets and combining them (cross-market arbs)

Rebelbetting review summary


RebelBetting Starter:


  • Great when starting out
  • Works with a smaller bankroll
  • Make a steady profit every month
  • Value bets also included
  • ROI over 30%/month

RebelBetting Pro:


  •  Value bets & sure bets included as well
  •  Maximize your profit
  •  The most profitable bets
  •  Access non-limiting bookies

Free Trial: RebelBetting is offering a 14-day free trial for their services (no bank card required)

What I Like/Dislike About RebelBetting:

Benefits of RebelBetting

  • 60+ betting sites covered
  • Focuses on bookies from Europe
  • 2-week free trial
  • Fairly accurate odds both on arbs and value bets (no software will offer a perfect service)
  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Auto-navigate to the betting site
  • Many sure bets, cross-market opportunities
  • Good customer service
  • Many guides, and articles for beginner bettors
  • Beginner-friendly pricing plans

Drawbacks of RebelBetting

  • No in-play scanner (requires way more experience)
  • You can’t select the clone bookies

Arbitrage bettors from the UK should use their services if:

  • Looking for a top-tier Pre-match arbitrage betting software
  • Not sure about opting in or having a small starter budget – you can try them with their free trial
  • Looking for a sure bet scanner with a fast refresh rate and with a beginner, user-friendly interface

For a more detailed walkthrough, check my RebelBetting Review.

My takeaway:

Bettors focusing on pre-match arbitrage or value betting should try RebelBetting not only because of their free trial and budget-friendly pricing but also for getting access to a fast refreshing service with fairly high accuracy in displaying odds.

Their money management tool will also give you an outstanding advantage against bookies and other bettors who don’t use similar options.

The faster you can get to the point of clicking on “Place bet”, with the right stake, the more bets you can place before the odds could drop.

RebelBetting arbitrage betting software UK layout and filters

Layout and interface:

  • The user interface of RebelBetting is running in-browser
  • Each of their tools is optimized for being mobile-friendly as well. You can use RebelBetting almost as a mobile application
  • Settings and filters are accessible easily
  • The site is running smoothly on each device

Product updates:

  • The summary of 2022 is posted here
  • Interview with three customers here


I’ve used for many years since I started my betting activity. At the moment it is not my main tool, but everything I know about them you can read in my detailed review.

Their sure bet finder is an excellent pick for UK bettors who want to try this betting strategy but don’t have too big starting capital.

As you can see below, their weekly subscription plan costs only €8.90 which is accessible even with a lower budget. As a reminder: for a price that low you should not expect the fastest scanning and best arbitrage betting software (that’s OddStorm).


Surebet Plan price

€8.90 – 1 week

€25.90 – 1 month

Sure bets + Middle Bets

€9.90 – 1 week

€27.90 – 1 month

What I Like/Dislike About


  • A fairly fast pre-match sure bet finder
  • Accurate odds in most cases (but makes mistakes like each of their competitor)
  • Excellent middle bet scanner
  • Well-developed redirection tool – opens the match with the sure bet with one click
  • Affordable prices even for beginner arbitrage bettors
  • Simple user interface
  • Simple arbitrage stake calculator (still using this)
  • Constantly introducing new features and bookies


  • The filtering system could be better, but they are still completing all of the basic needs

Presentation/tutorial video presentation video

My takeaway: might not be the most accurate arbitrage finder, but is most definitely one of the beginner-friendly ones.

Their friendly monthly subscription prices will catch your attention. Still, based on my experience, the simple user interface and filtering options make them a great pick for those with a lower budget or someone about to start learning about sure betting.

You will find many arbitrage bets with already dropped odds and betting opportunities with markets that are no longer available. This might slow you down, but their bookie coverage and low prices are excellent for beginners and those with some experience.

Layout and user interface:

  • I’m surprised and also disappointed about their design choices. They did not change almost a single thing since I know their services.
  • Their site is very simple and runs perfectly in the browser
  • The filters are easy to access from the main page arbitrage bet finder layout

Product Updates:

  • January 03, 2023: many new betting sites added
  • Improved scanning of Pinnacle odds
  • December 16, 2022: New sure bet types, added new bookies, faster scanning speed at TonyBet and Sisal
  • December 09, 2022: Totogaming and Betcity added to the scanner
  • Added new UTF events at Betfair

4. ArbMate for UK arbitrage betting

ArbMate is an optimal solution for arbitrage betting from the UK, looking for cheaper software but with a relatively premium arb scanner.

They are very different for every sure bet scanner because of their subscription plan. But first, let me show you what they can offer.

arbmate live arbitrage betting software

Sports Scanned: they are scanning only football and Esports. But implementing basketball and tennis is also in their plans.

Markets Covered: 14 different markets and combining them (cross-market arbs)

Presentation/tutorial video:


  • €19/month that includes: Pre-match + In-play arbs, Bet365, Bwin, Pinnacle
  • need to purchase additional bookmakers you need with 3-12 euros/bookie

This subscription plan favors bettors not using 10+ bookies in a single month. You will get a similar sure bet software like the ones with higher price tags but with the option of paying only a fraction of their prices.

What I Like/Dislike About ArbMate:

Benefits of ArbMate

  • 2nd fastest arbitrage scanner that focuses on football sure bets
  • 60 betting sites scanned
  • Semi-automated arbitrage betting (redirection tool available for many bookies)
  • User-friendly pricing plan & interface
  • Cross-market arbs
  • Friendly customer service
  • You can change bookies in your subscription plan

Drawback of ArbMate

  • Scanning only football (Esports too at some of the bookies, and basketball will be also covered sooner or later)

Arbitrage bettors from the UK should use their services because:

  • ArbMate has the second-fastest bookmaker scanner system
  • User-friendly subscription plan
  • Focusing only on football
  • Redirecting you to the bookie and opening the bet slip with one click


  • The arbitrage betting software of ArbMate is optimized both for using it in browser and mobile, but bettors will take the most out of it from accessing their services from PC/Mac
  • The filters and betting opportunities are organized in a simple way, it will be familiar to each bettor who used similar services

Product news:

  • 08.02.2022 – ArbMate and OddStorm join forces!
  • 01.04.2020 – E-Sports and E-Soccer sure bet arbs added
  • added for navigating for PreMatch with the Odds Navigator

For a more detailed presentation of this tool check my ArbMate Review.

5. OddStorm in the UK

OddStorm has the fastest and most developed arbitrage bet finder that a UK bettor can use. They are not on my list for some reason, but professional bettors should also focus on their services.

Sports Scanned: they are scanning only football and Esports. They have developed a professional sure bet scanner with many years of experience in the field.

Markets Covered: 14 different markets and combining them (cross-market arbs)


Pre-match arb’s prices: 

1 day: €7; 7 days: €50; 30 days: €155


1 day: €9; 7 days: €63; 30 days: €195

What I Like/Dislike About OddStorm:

Benefits of OddStorm

  • 71+ betting sites covered for pre-match/live
  • Fastest arb scanner for football (1-3 sec in-play and 15 sec Pre-match)
  • Covering the most betting markets (compared to other services)
  • Professional and fast interface
  • A service that redirects you to the bet slip with one click (saves a lot of time, and you can place more bets)
  • Customer service via live chat and skype
  • Best pick for professional sure betting on football

Drawbacks of OddStorm

  • Football is the only available sport
  • Fairly high monthly fee but still competitive in the premium service category

Arbitrage bettors from the UK should use their services in case:

  • You are looking for the fastest sure bet scanner only for football
  • Software that redirects you to betting opportunities
  • Complex filtering systems


  • At the moment OddStorm still focuses on offering a downloadable app sure betting software
  • They don’t have an in-browser arbitrage bet finder
  • The application is running not only smoothly but is the fastest software in this industry
  • You can access filters the same way you would in other similar applications.
oddstorm arbitrage betting software layout

OddStorm Review (with video)

6. OddsMonkey in the UK

I would like to also mention OddsMonkey as an alternative sure betting solution. They are scanning 90+ bookies from the UK, but their services focus more on arbitrage betting.

Targeting that strategy means that arb opportunities are displayed with a reasonable delay. So, betting opportunities with a decent return (over 1%-2%) are rare in their services.

However, even OddsMonkey can be an arbitrage betting software and calculator for UK bettors.

oddsmonkey oddsmatcher matched betting

Sports Scanned: they are scanning ten sports + Esports. 

Markets Covered: 7 markets on football and winner markets on other sports



Oddsmonkey pricing

Key Features:

  • Focuses on odds comparison for the purpose of displaying matched betting opportunities (their first priority)
  • They display sign-up offers to boost your profits
  • Most of their arbitrage bets have a profit a very close to 0%, many times even under it
  • Their scanner is not as fast as with BetBurger or RebelBetting, it focuses on minor odds mistakes that don’t disappear in minutes
  • The arbitrage bets finder is only for pre-match but focuses on the United Kingdom betting market


  • OddsMonkey runs both in-browser and on mobile phones perfectly as well
  • They offer the highest speed and usability when accessed through a PC and a browser
  • The simple layout and the client-first mindset helped them build up a user interface that is beginner friendly as well

Product updates:

  • 0% Smarkets commission offer extended

OddsMonkey Review

7. Profit Maximizer in the UK

Many sites are promoting them for arbitrage betting, but similar to OddsMonkey. They are focusing on a different strategy: matched betting in the UK.

profit maximizer opinion

What I Like/Dislike about Profit Maximizer:


  • You can earn consistent profits by matched betting and it’s acceptable for beginner arbitrage betting at UK bookies
  • They cover over 100 bookmakers and bonuses
  • Best onboarding system and video tutorials for beginners that can be helpful for sure betting as well
  • Enhanced customer support, I never had issues with them
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No forced contracts, you can cancel anytime


  • Cost: Profit Maximizer is a paid service that may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Scanning speed is not perfect for long-term arbitrage betting
  • Betting opportunities have small profit %


  • £1 trial
  • Premium Membership: £97/year

If you are looking for a more detailed review of these services, you can find them here:

  1. BetBurger review
  2. Rebel Betting review
  3. ArbMate review
  4. OddStorm review
  5. Arbitrage betting software
  6. Value betting software

Which is the best arbitrage betting software/calculator in the UK?

Every sure bet software has its advantages and best use cases. For beginner bettors, I would advise cheaper software like ArbMate or RebelBetting because of their two weeks free trial.

After getting enough experience and having access to many bookmakers with a healthy capital (more than 4-6k Pounds), I would advise shifting towards professional arb finders like BetBurger, RebelBetting, or OddStorm.

How to pick the best arbitrage bet finder for UK bookies?

  • Make a list of the bookies you still have access to (no limited accounts)
  • Build up a list of priorities: you want an arb finder for pre-match or In-play, your maximum budget for a software
  • The sure bet finder for a month should not cost more than 10% of your capital, even if you have only 400-500 GBP (you will have liquidity problems otherwise)
  • In the beginning with a lower budget, you can use a cheaper less performant tool
  • Bettors with experience and a larger capital should focus on premium arb finders and in-play betting for longer-lasting betting accounts and significantly more profits

Need some more advice? Check my in-depth articles on how to find arbitrage bets and also my arbitrage betting guide.

Many bettors doubt the legality of arbitrage betting, matched betting, or any intelligent strategy that can guarantee profits.

If you don’t know enough about these tactics, you might think they include some steps that are not forbidden by law.

Arbitrage Betting is legal in the UK and every country if you use bookmakers who have a legal license to operate in your country/state.

Arbitrage betting, which involves exploiting differences in odds offered by different bookmakers to guarantee a profit, is legal in the UK.

It is important to also keep in mind that although arbitrage betting is legal in the UK, it is still subject to the same regulations and laws that govern all forms of betting in the UK. This means that you must be of legal age to place bets and must adhere to responsible gambling guidelines.

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Is arbitrage betting possible in the UK?

Arbitrage betting is a legal sports betting strategy in every country where bookmakers can operate with a legal license.

Which is the best arbitrage betting calculator & software in the UK?

Bettors from the UK have access to most bookmakers. This is making arbitrage betting calculators and software offer quality services. Many of them are covering almost every important bookmaker from the UK. Some of the top arbitrage betting software in the UK are RebelBetting, Arbmate, etc.