Top 4 arbitrage betting software in the USA Tested! (2023)

  • Post last modified:March 23, 2023

Choosing the right arbitrage bet finder can make or break your success in betting techniques. I have used over 10 different software since 2013.

I had the chance to test the best arb services for US bookies. In this article, you can find my top recommendations for arbitrage betting in the USA.

#1 Best in the US & Canada

oddsjam new logo


OddsJam is the most advanced arbitrage betting software for sure betting in the USA and Canada.

  • US bookies: 40+
  • Pre-match & in-play as well

7-day free trial!

OddsJam Review →

Best alternative

rebelbetting icon


RebelBetting is the best alternative for pre-match premium arb finder software in the USA. They offer fast odds scanning, accessible prices, and a professional interface.

  • EU Bookies: 60+
  • US bookies: 13+
  • Sports: 10+

14-day free trial!

RebelBetting Review →

2nd alternative

betburger arbitrage betting software logo


BetBurger is an excellent alternative that scans many important US bookies including BetMGM, Betonline, etc

  • US bookies: 24


BetBurger Review →

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Are you in a hurry? Check my recommendations:

  • OddsJam is the industry-leading arb finder in the US for a good reason: $69/week after the free trial
  • RebelBetting: Excellent for pre-match if you need one or more of the 13 US bookies they cover. Jump to the list. Their Starter Plan costs €99/month after the 2-week free trial.
  • BetBurger: best service on the market and covers ~15 US bookies (including BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, TwinSpires, and FoxBet) 129 euros/month

Arbitrage betting software in the USA

You have three main possibilities if you are looking for the best arbitrage betting software in the USA. I have used each of them for many years which helped me gain enough experience and knowledge about their capabilities.

1. OddsJam

OddsJam started operating only in 2021. Their main service is arbitrage betting & positive EV betting software for bookies from the USA. Despite their short history, they are offering a reliable and accurate arbitrage scanner.

Of course, they can’t keep up with the speed and experience offered RebelBetting (at least for now), but they are covering way more bookies from the US.

oddsjam review summary
oddsjam review arbitrage

USA bookmakers scanned for arbitrage betting

Open the list

OddsJam, DraftKings, BetMGM, William Hill, FOX Bet, FanDuel, WynnBET, PointsBet, Caesars, Barstool, Borgota, 888sport, Unibet, BetRivers, Wind Creek, Parx, SugarHouse, Four Winds, TwinSpires, Bwin, Betfred, Betfair, Betway (Canada), Casumo, 10Bet, Elite Sportsbook, Bally Bet, theScore, Ladbrokes, Circa, Golden Nugget, Sports Illustrated, SuperBook

Price for a monthly subscription:

Arbitrage plan: $99

Industry Plan: $199

OddsJam cost price

Pros of OddsJam

  • Quality arbitrage and value betting service
  • The majority of US bookies are covered
  • User-friendly filters and interface
  • It covers sure bets and value bets as well
  • Excellent for matched betting at US bookies
  • The team is constantly working on developing new and better tools
  • It has a one-week subscription period
  • The software is based on fast odds scanning
  • You can purchase API for odds and lines (for developing your own tool)

Cons of OddsJam

  • Might seem expensive for many users
  • They still need to work on market coverage

With their Industry plan, you will have access to arbitrage and value betting as well. So, compared to BetBurger, it can be more affordable when you are focusing on pre-match opportunities.

Weekly Price

oddsjam weekly subscription price

Not sure about opting in? Check my OddsJam Review

OddsJam Layout:

They started focusing on offering a service perfectly optimized both for mobile and PC/Mac users as well. Each of their tool such as calculators and the sure bets finder as well is running in a browser interface.

I need to mention that some of their additional tools such as player props can be found in their new app which can be found both for iOS and Android as well.

Key features:

  • Arbitrage betting tool (what you are looking for right now): one of their first services that display sure betting opportunities from each relevant betting site that accepts bettors from the USA
  • Arbitrage betting calculator: to make faster stake calculations
  • Betting education resources: both beginners and experienced bettors can find helpful industry news and tutorials for long-term success
  • Legalization tracker: helps you track new bookies in your state. With the help of this tab, you will be able to legally take advantage of new bonus offers and undervalued markets as soon as they appear
  • Fastest, real-time odds scanner with the most US bookies covered

2. RebelBetting in the USA

Each big player in the sure and value betting industry started focusing on the US betting market as well. It’s not a surprise that RebelBetting, one of the most important pre-match arbitrage and value betting software also started scanning bookies from the US.

rebel betting browser application value betting

List of US betting sites scanned:

  • BetOnline
  • BetMGM
  • Bodog
  • Bovada
  • Barstool
  • Fanduel
  • Ceasars (WilliamHill)
  • Foxbet
  • Draftkings
  • BetAnySports
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Everygame (Intertops)

Besides these bookies they also cover many important ones from Europe, which can be important for value betting as well (such as Pinnacle).

Advantage of RebelBetting

  • 13 US bookies scanned and planning to implement more
  • 10+ sports and many betting markets covered
  • 2-week free trial for each service
  • Accurate odds both on sure bets and value bets
  • Stake calculation system, which helps improve your long-term profits
  • Fast odds refresh rate (you can catch most of the betting opportunities)
  • User-friendly in-browser interface optimized for mobile users
  • Good customer service
  • Many guides for onboarding clients

Drawbacks of RebelBetting

  • No in-play scanner (requires way more experience)
  • Some US bookies still need to be implemented (but they are in progress)


RebelBetting Starter:

€99/ month

  • Value bets & sure bets included
  • great for beginners
  • works with a smaller bankroll
  • steady profit every month: ROI over 30%/month
RebelBetting Pro:

€219/ month

  •  Value bets & sure bets
  •  Maximize your profit
  •  The most profitable bets
  •  Access non-limiting bookies
Compare Starter vs Pro Plans
Sure bet percentageUp to 3.5%Unlimited
Bet settlementYesYes
80+ bookiesYesYes

My takeaway:

Based on my personal experience, RebelBetting is one of the best arbitrage betting software for bettors from the USA. The only downside of their tool is not include in-play events, which might be crucial for many players such as myself.

Arbitrage and value betting in the USA are getting more attention lately. I hope each big player such as RebelBetting will focus on this market and will cover more bookies. Subscribing to their e-mail list might be an excellent idea, even if you don’t want to opt-in for one of their plans.

Key features:

  • They have an excellent odds comparison tool with an outstanding scanning speed
  • Sure bets are displayed with a fairly good odds accuracy
  • Arbitrage bet calculator integrated into each betting opportunity after clicking on them
  • Bankroll management system: not available at OddsJam at the moment
  • You can include taxing, rounding your stakes, and even the needed currency
  • The filters are not too complicated which helps beginners in fast understanding their system

User interface:

They are focusing on the in-browser services, which are perfectly optimized for each operating system and tool as well. Their mobile-friendly interface allows you to find and place sure bets anywhere you might be.

Need more info before deciding? Check my in-depth RebelBetting Review.

3. BetBurger

BetBurger is not scanning each bookmaker available in the USA, but sure it is one of the most advanced services in this industry. I have used them for many years, and I was able to spot almost every betting opportunity with their help.

I already have a detailed review of BetBurger, so here I will mention only the key elements that could be important for American arbitrage bettors.

betburger review general properties

USA bookmakers scanned for arbitrage betting

At the moment they are scanning the following bookmakers from the US: DraftKings, William Hill, Fox bet, Fanduel, 888sport, Unibet, Bwin, Betfred, Betfair, Betway, Casumo, 10bet, Ladbrokes, TwinSpires, BetMGM.

New bookies added recently: Betparx (Unibet clone), BET99 (Goldenpalace clone), Borgata (Bwin clone), DesertDiamond (Unibet clone), FourWinds (Unibet clone), GoldenNugget (10bet clone), NorthStar Bets (Unibet clone), RoyalPanda (Unibet clone), SI Sportsbook (888sport clone).

This list might get longer from one day to another. I noticed that they are getting more and more focused on the US arbitrage betting market too.

Price for a monthly subscription:

1. Pre-match: 129 euros

2. Live: 229 euros

3. Pre-match/Live: 295 euros

betburger surebet scanner price

You have the opportunity to try their services even for 1 day or 1 week. They have a subscription plan for both of these periods.

Arbing in the USA with Betburger: Personal experience

As I already mentioned I have used BetBurger for many years and if you have access to the bookies above, this service is the most comprehensive you can find at the moment. Their downside comes when you don’t have access to certain betting sites or you lack the experience of sure betting.

Their fast refresh rate of betting opportunities might seem an error, but if you apply a decent delay to these, such as 2-3 sec, (in the filters section) their arbitrage betting software becomes easier to handle even for beginners.

Pros of BetBurger

  • The scanning speed is at the top compared to other services
  • Many bookies are covered
  • Most complex cross-market scanner
  • Covering not only over/under, 1×2, handicap, and other popular markets but combining them (way more sure bets => way more profits)
  • Easy to understand, yet advanced filtering options and user interface
  • Affordable prices (if you can’t pay for 1 month, you can opt-in for 1 week and make enough profits in 1-2 days for a monthly subscription)

Cons of BetBurger

  • Might seem expensive for many users
  • Not focusing entirely on the US betting market
  • You may see difficulties in communicating with the customer service

BetBurger is scanning US bookies not only for arbitrage betting (for pre-match and In-play too) but for value betting (or on another name positive expected value betting).

You need to opt-in for a different subscription for value betting which is a little disadvantageous to other services. But based on my experience, with value betting, you can make 50% – 70% more in the long run by taking some risks too.

User interface and Layout:

BetBurger was one of the first sure bet finders. Their in-browser tool is focusing on PC/Mac users without having a perfectly optimized, mobile-friendly interface.

Bettors who want to use an arb scanner only on their phones might need to think twice about opting in for BetBurger. But those who have access to the above-mentioned bookies and want to take arbitrage betting seriously should take their service seriously.

The filters, settings, and account properties are placed in the right order, which helps even beginners in figuring out the right way of setting up their sure bet filters.

Not sure about opting in? Check my BetBurger Review.

4. OddsBoom: cheap arbitrage betting software for the USA


OddsBoom was acquired by OddsJam in 2022 so the information below is no longer valid. By this step, OddsJam became the biggest odds comparison tool, arbitrage, and value betting software.

Check my following articles for alternatives and more info:

OddsBoom is the most affordable yet very professional arbitrage betting software that focuses on bookies from the US. They are covering over 50+ US bookies and some international ones too.

By displaying the highest odds for the main sports events, they became an important part of smart betting strategies in the US.

oddsboom arbitrage betting US bookmakers

OddsBoom short summary

OddsBoom is actively scanning over 50 bookmakers from the US.

They are offering the following services:

  • Displaying the bookies with the highest odds on the main sports/markets
  • Arbitrage betting service: comparing odds between US bookies + international ones too
  • Bonus Cruncher: matched betting service to complete bonus offer requirements without a loss
  • Low Holds: bets with a low profit margin of the bookies (higher odds)

You have several options using their services: simply waiting until their arbitrage tool displays a new opportunity or choosing a match/market and looking for the bookies with the best odds on these.

For only $15/month, you can have full access and start arbitrage betting. You can opt-in for a day pass for only $5.

RebelBetting vs OddsJam: top arbitrage betting software USA

RebelBetting is one of the most important arbitrage bet finders in Europe. They started focusing on the USA smart betting market as well. Sooner or later they might be one of the most important tools for US arbitrage and value betting.

Check this RebelBetting vs OddsJam comparison table based on my experience.

Pre-game arbYesYes
Live arbNoYes
Pre-game value softYesYes
Live value softNoYes
Scanning speed4.7/54/5
Bookmakers13+ (US)35+
RebelBetting vs OddsJam detailed comparison table

OddsJam vs OddsBoom comparison (no longer valid as of 2022. June)

There are two famous odds comparison sites in the USA. They deserve more attention, so check out my OddsJam vs OddsBoom table.

Pre-game arbYesYes
Live arbYesNo
Pre-game value softYesNo
Live value softYesNo
Scanning speed4/53.7/5
OddsJam vs OddsBoom detailed comparison table

Is Arbitrage betting in the USA possible?

With the legalization of sports betting in many states of the USA, came increasing attention towards arbitrage betting and other mathematically proven strategies.

oddsboom highest odds user interface
OddsJam Arbitrage scanner

I’m using many forums and groups with the main topic of these betting techniques. The one thing I noticed is that many bettors don’t know which is the best arbitrage betting software in the USA.

Most of the arbitrage and value betting services are focusing on EU-based bookies. The majority of them are scanning only a little portion of operators available in the USA too.

Arbitrage betting is one of the simplest yet very profitable strategies in sports betting, but bookies are getting smarter at calculating the real probability of the outcome. 

Fortunately for us bettors, the majority of them still can’t figure out every time what is the real possibility of each betting market.

These mistakes and discrepancies between bookmakers are generating the so-called sure bets. Based on my experience, arbitrage betting in the USA started becoming popular only in the near past.

Only a few websites were able to scan some of the betting agencies. But as more and more bookies are opting in for gambling licenses smart betting techniques are getting more attention.

How does arbitrage betting work in the USA?

1. Find the proper bookmakers for arbing

Sports betting in the US is not legalized in each state. On the other hand, not every bookmaker is operating in the states where gambling is allowed.

You can find the list of bookies in your state by opening a free account at OddsJam. Unfortunately, not every bookmaker is suitable for sure betting.

Some of them are offering low odds, which can make them useless.

2. Open accounts at those with many sure bets

You will notice in a very short time that some bookies are not displayed too many times in the arbitrage scanners.

Wasting your time on these will only decrease your time.

3. Don’t be greedy while arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting in the USA can generate more profit than in other countries. The maximum limits on each bet are high, bettors with a deposit of $500-$1000 are not uncommon.

But you still have to follow some basic rules to delay stake limitations as long as possible. If you start placing sure bets with too high stakes, you can easily end up with a limited account before making serious profits.

I have a dedicated article about this topic on how to delay limitations. You might want to check that also.

Need some more advice on how to start? Check my in-depth articles on how to find arbitrage bets and also my arbitrage betting guide or try making some calculations with my sports betting arbitrage calculator.

You might also want to check my soccer arbitrage betting article before you start your activity. You will find the most sure bets on this sport and also have the most chance of staying under the bookie radars for a longer time.

Free arbitrage bet finders in the United States

All three services are offering a free arbitrage bet finder. 

1. RebelBetting: you can access their services with their 14-day free trial.

2. OddsJam is offering a 7-day free trial with unlimited access to each of its tools. Claim it now!

3. BetBurger limits the scanning speed of arbitrage/value bets to 60sec for free users. The maximum profit on arbitrage and value bets is also limited to 1% on sure bets and 2% on value bets. Their free scanner has no other kind of limitations, so with a simple free account, you can practice as much as you want.

Does arbitrage betting really work in the USA?

In the past few years, many US states put new gambling laws into action and allowed many sports betting sites to legally offer online betting services.

This new situation and the appearance of arbitrage bet finders in the US allowed bettors to spot arbitrage betting opportunities.

In short, arbitrage betting really works in the USA, but not in every state. Many states still don’t allow online sports betting in other states, only a few betting sites are available.

Arbitrage betting can really work in the US states, where many bookmakers are available for online betting.

This type of betting technique focuses on mistakes and odds differences between betting sites. The more bookies you can use, the more sure betting opportunities you can have.

The trend of legalizing online sports betting and allowing many new bookies to operate legally gives a new and good opportunity for arbitrage betting in the USA.

Bookies in these states offer high maximum stakes and large welcome offers. This environment makes US arbitrage betting worth trying and profitable compared to other income sources.

As stated in my arbitrage betting at DraftKings this strategy really works at many bookies from the USA

Is arbitrage betting legal in the US?

It is important to mention that arbitrage betting is legal in the USA in every case while the bettor is using betting sites licensed in their state. Arbitrage betting itself is a legal activity; no law would prohibit or controls the sure betting activity itself in the US or anywhere in the world.

Arbitrage betting requires using multiple online sports betting sites. To legally practice this activity, you must check which online betting site has a license in your state.

This way you can avoid any future inconvenience or legal issues because of your arbitrage betting activity.

Conclusion: Best arbitrage betting software in the USA

Arbitrage betting in the USA offers more opportunities because of the recent changes in legislation. The main arbitrage betting software in the USA are RebelBetting, Oddsjam, and BetBurger. Each of these has strengths and weaknesses as well. 

BetBurger is not scanning every bookmaker, and their prices might seem slightly high. But in the long run, you will make way more profits with their services.

OddsJam on the other hand is cheaper and they are scanning almost every US bookmaker with a little bit less complex software. 


Is arbitrage betting legal in the US?

Arbitrage betting in the US is legal in states where sports betting itself is legal. Unfortunately, many US states are still not allowing sports betting, or the laws are not put into action.

Best arbitrage betting software in the USA?

Only a few arbitrage finders are covering bookmakers available in the US. The main two software are OddsJam and RebelBetting. You can find a detailed review in my article.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. I have the most experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, and learned the most about value betting. Each betting software and betting strategy I promote was tested or used for a longer period by myself.