Arbitrage betting between sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle and Betting Exchanges is the dream of each sure bettor, whether they have just started learning about this strategy or have already been earning with it for a while.

Arbitrage betting between betting agents and exchanges would also be a significant milestone for each sure bettor.

I created this article to summarize my experience, knowledge, and research about the abovementioned possibilities in arbitrage betting.

Is arbitrage betting between sharp bookmakers and exchanges possible?

If you are reading this, I don’t need to present what a sharp betting site or a betting exchange is. 

Arbitrage betting between sharp betting sites like Pinnacle and exchanges is impossible. Or at least not possible for the average bettor who just started this betting activity.

What does it need to be a successful arbitrage bettor?

You need to be fast enough to cover both sides of the outcome with the right stakes before the odds could drop. At the present, you can achieve this either by becoming professional in finding arbs manually or by using the top arbitrage bet finders and try becoming faster than other bettors.

What are the main characteristics of sharp bookmakers for arbitrage betting?

They offer accurate odds, and fast odds refresh every time the situation changes on sports events. This situation is caused mainly by their better way of calculating the actual probability of the outcomes and the sure bettors welcomed in their policy.

These factors and some others make them capable of reacting fast to each event in sports matches.

What are the characteristics of exchanges?

Betting exchanges are heavily used by smart bettors and sports traders. Each part has its own role in this game, but its most crucial role is offering odds that would be accepted by other bettors.

Betting exchanges were built to exclude many steps and risks of regular betting sites, such as being forced to offer accurate odds.

These platforms are used mainly by matched bettors, arbitrage bettors, and sports traders. There are many average punters, but the market is dominated by intelligent betting activities. 

This means that the smallest overpriced market and arbitrage bet, including a betting exchange, will be taken advantage of in a matter of seconds. 

Summary: Can you arbitrage bet between sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges?

The answer is a complicated No. You can’t simply place arbitrage bet between sharp betting sites like Pinnacle and exchanges.

  • The odds are changing very fast, not only at sharp bookies but at exchanges.
  • You have a so-called “danger zone” at sharp betting sites at live betting because of having a slower acceptance time of your bet slip.
  • The arbitrage betting opportunities that could show up have a very low-profit % which would require you to have a huge bankroll and risk big stakes all the time.
  • You would make a single mistake and ruin the assumed profit earned with sure betting between sharp bookies and exchanges.
  • Arbitrage bettors who use automated bots between sharps and exchanges would place the bets, annihilate the whole liquidity at exchanges, and make the sharp odds drop faster (I will post an article about this later).
  • Theoretically, if there were no automated bots against you, each wannabe successful sure bettor would focus on these and would use the same sure bet finders that you. This situation would result in fast odds dropping and exchange stake liquidity deficit.
  • You might find some sure bets at exchanges that are not disappearing immediately. These bets usually have very low liquidity, which is not worth the effort.
  • Even if you succeed somehow in placing some arbitrage bets between Pinnacle and even Betfair alternatives (very rare case), the amount you can make will be tiny. Why would you waste 10-13 hours a day on these opportunities when you could simply take the most basic job and earn 5 times more?
  • Matchbook (an important exchange) follows the odds of Pinnacle, but even if you notice some sure bets, they will ban you (so I would not even call them a betting exchange because of this fact).
  • You would need a betting exchange account with a very low commission rate of 2% which is rare.

Stop dreaming about finding the gold mine that is not achievable for most bettors and start limiting your betting account while you make thousands. You can check the RebelBetting review where I have an interview with a bettor who took this step instead of finding additional loopholes and succeeded to make 10.000 euros in 4 months.

Is arbitrage betting between betting brokers and exchanges possible?

The arbitrage betting situation between betting brokers and exchanges might give you the imaginary picture that more bookmakers mean more possibility for sure successful betting between them.

In some way, this is true because the odds between these services are not tied to each other and have a pretty low profit margin.

By having access to low commission percentage exchanges and many sharp Asian betting sites, you may have access to more odds discrepancies and sure bets between them.

But can you really place sure bets between betting agents and exchanges?

After following many forums and private discussions with other successful arbitrage bettors, I can say this activity is not out of sight.

Arbitrage betting between betting agents and exchanges is possible in theory, but some factors need to be applied to practice it successfully.

  • You need to find arbitrage bets faster than the scanner services that cover the betting sites at the agents and the exchanges.
  • Professional bettors are already running automated bots capable of spotting these sure bets faster than the scanners available for the wide audience.
  • Because of their bets, the liquidity at exchanges is very low, and the odds drop pretty fast at Asian bookies as well (available at betting exchanges)

Then why do I say arbitrage betting is possible between agents and exchanges?

I know people who are successful in value betting at betting exchanges. These smart bettors are very rare, mostly hiding in the shadow and not being active in forums or any social media site topics related to sharp betting.

But the fact that they can make serious profits at betting exchanges without the help of arbitrage betting software means that overpriced odds are available.

The sad fact is that the ones I know do not use simple sure betting or value-betting methods to find overpriced markets.

This type of betting at betting agents requires not only many years of experience in value and arbitrage betting but a well-developed, smart, well-researched, and a little bit lucky but analytical thinking.

You need to find ways to analyze historical data to spot value opportunities at Asian bookmakers, sharp betting sites, or betting agents.

This route is the hardest, probably the king of all sharp sports betting. This type of approach is not comparable even to live value betting. 

Can you arbitrage bet between betting exchanges?

Arbitrage betting between exchanges only is like asking for failure. Bettors who just started learning about these betting opportunities face the fear of getting banned for arbitrage betting.

Each sure bettor was there, whether successful or a beginner, with many failed attempts; you will get your betting accounts limited for arbitrage betting. 

This moment can come after 2-3 bets are placed without the essential research on how to avoid it. While others can succeed in staying under the radars for a longer period, even months, with live betting.

Betting exchanges offer the opportunity of arbitrage betting without the fear of getting your account limited.

Here are the main reasons why arbitrage betting between exchanges is nearly impossible:

  • The liquidity will change from one second to another. Even if you take bets with smaller stakes than the maximum, another bettor will place their bets milliseconds earlier with a higher stake.
  • Many bettors use exchanges for sharp purposes, giving each outcome predictable liquidity.
  • Even if you are lucky and fast enough to place a successful sure bet between two exchanges, you will run into many mistakes. In these, you are not able to cover your bets on the right odds/stakes (not even if you choose to cover them at sharp bookies). These mistakes will end up generating significant losses that could ruin even a successful sure betting profit.

Why do people think arbitrage betting is possible between Pinnacle and Betfair?

There are some common reasons why many bettors can think arbitrage betting between Pinnacle and Betfair can be a viable solution.

During my long-term arbitrage betting career, I faced many situations when I thought I had just discovered the gold mine of sports betting. I’m not discussing value betting, sure betting, or other similar strategies.

I thought I just noticed a loophole that can guarantee massive profits without fear of being limited. One of these moments was when I manually compared the odds between Pinnacle and Betfair. 

The biggest mistake I made was depositing money at Betfair before checking the odds while I was logged in. Unfortunately, Betfair did not refresh their betting odds in real-time when you were not logged in, and this situation caused me to think I just noticed a way to beat them easily. 

Another mistake that can suggest the possible way of arbitrage betting between Pinnacle and Betfair is using either a pre-match or a live sure bet finder.

Even the fastest scanner has a delay of approximately 3 seconds. The main issue with that sure bet was already noticed by private automated arbitrage betting services.

When you see a sure betting opportunity appear on your screen, an automated bot has already calculated the stakes and hit the place bet button with the maximum stakes available.

Conclusion: arbitrage betting between sharp betting sites, betting agents, Pinnacle and exchanges

Arbitrage betting between sharp betting sites, Asian bookies and exchanges is possible only for a very small group of sharp bettors who are professional programmers with years of experience not in professional sports betting. 

Any other type of arbitrage betting or sharp betting strategies that include the risk of getting your soft bookmaker account limited is more feasible and profitable for the big audience.

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Is arbitrage betting between sharp bookmakers and exchanges possible?

Arbitrage betting between sharp betting sites like Pinnacle and exchanges is impossible. Or at least not possible for the average bettor who just started this betting activity.