Apps to Practice Sports Betting with Fake Money

Apps to Practice Sports Betting with Fake Money

Sports betting has a lot of downsides. Bettors who are not following a decent strategy can easily lose all of their money. It’s a wise idea to improve our betting knowledge by practicing without using real money. Betting apps are offer a good solution with offering fake money and a good interface.

Why would you practice sports betting without real money?

Most people are betting only with real money. You probably know that this activity can be really profitable if done right.

With strategies based on mathematics, you can win enough even for a living. But in some cases, you might have different motivations to not use real money.

If you are working in a normal 9 to 5 job, competing with colleagues is a frequent activity. Playing soccer on Play Station or Xbox can get boring.

But challenging each-others’ minds with betting championships is fun. Betting apps with fake money can offer the possibility to compete with your friends and colleagues without risking anything.

Sports betting is a very active but also controversial topic. Most people have friends or know someone who is actively betting or gambling.

How many of them are really successful?

Based on my experience, only a few bettors are brave enough to admit their losses.

The majority of punters are placing accumulator bets based on their own experience or by following tipsters.

Tips and predictions not based on mathematics are a straight road to losing your capital. Based on statistics only 2% – 4% of bettors are successful in the long run too.

So how to become successful?

A lot of people without any experience in betting can find profitable strategies. It is easy getting curious about your possibilities.

But risking your own money without knowing anything about sports betting can seem dangerous.

Losing only a little amount can be painful for a lot of people who have no experience.

But strategies like matched betting, arbitrage betting, or value betting are worth the time to learn.Following one of these techniques is not gambling. That 2% – 4% of profitable bettors know the difference between gambling and sports betting.

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 Let me see!

Is a fake or demo sports betting app useful?

Using a betting application or website without real money has a lot of advantages.

  • You can learn how the odds are moving
  • Practicing to open a bet slip and placing a bet is easy
  • Learning how to search markets and outcomes
  • Placing bets and following them only with fake money
  • No risk of placing bad bets and losing real money

Websites or applications like these can be extremely useful for total beginners. I remember when I started sports betting back in 2013, I knew nothing about it.

Back then I never thought about using a service like this. I started using real money even at the beginning. Believe me, it was painful to start placing bets and losing a lot of them.

For a long time, I had no real experience.

Before clicking on the Place bet button, I was trembling and wasn’t sure if I’m doing it the right way or not.

Well, in moments like this an app for practicing can build up a little bit of self-confidence.

You can learn about choosing the stakes, opening and placing the right bets without any risks.

Monitoring and following a betting strategy with this method is not the best method. They are offering a good interface.

This is allowing you to learn the basics and get comfortable in reading odds and markets.

But that following the profitability of a strategy needs something else than apps with fake money.

Betting spreadsheets online or even in excel can be more useful and easier to follow.

Is there a betting app with fake money?

Some free betting sites are offering the possibility to use their interface to experiment with strategies without depositing real money.

BETUP review

This application is my first recommendation. You can have it on your phone for free.

They are offering a possibility to have a look at it without registering. But if you really want to try it, after signing up you can get 1000 coins.

These can be used as fake money for your bets. This virtual currency is enabling you to place bets and to understand how betting works.

Learning without risk is a good opportunity, right? It has several options like social betting. You can follow what other people are betting on.

If you are new to betting, you can practice and learn a lot before starting at a real bookmaker with real money.

betup review betting with fake money

SBD Play review

Just recently found this website. They are offering an interface for practicing sports betting for free. After signing up, you get $500 virtual money.

On this site, you can compete with others even from their existing community or you can create your own group with your friends.

sbd play review betting with fake money

Downsides of practicing betting without real money

These applications and websites offer a good opportunity for newbies and communities to practice and bet without risking their own money.

Disadvantages of free betting tools

  • The odds movement are not real
  • Not every betting market is available
  • The betting interface is different between bookies. Getting used to one is not making you experienced
  • The amount of virtual money is limited
  • Testing a strategy is not the most optimal on these platforms. You can’t filter your bets properly
  • You are not getting real-life experience. Placing bets with fake money won’t train your risk management
  • Spending too much time without a good reason (only for recreational purposes)

You don’t trust your knowledge about sports betting?

A possible solution for you might be following tiptsers that have enough knowledge behind them. I think the only viable solution of following a tipster is if you know their results. 

Tipstrrr is offering an interface for following these successful bettors. You can check their betting history. 

Find a tipster who is betting for a long time (more than 1 year) with at least 350-400 bets. 

Following them even without placing any bets might be a better idea than wasting time on free betting apps.

Check out Tiptrrr now!

Next step after betting with fake money

I think it is fun to use services like this. You can compete with your friends, learn the basics of betting, and not risking any money.

But the real challenge starts by using real bookmakers and taking advantage of bonuses and wrong odds.

A lot of strategies are based on these two guaranteed profit sources.

Matched betting is one of the easiest smart betting techniques to learn. Even without any previous experience, you can take advantage of bookmaker offers.

OddsMonkey is offering the blueprint for successful money-making even for those without experience.

You can read my review about their services by clicking on the following button.


In the following article, you can read my review about OddsMonkey.

If you want to learn about matched betting, I have several useful articles.

Leaving free money on the table is not a good idea, right?

Other good strategies for boosting your profits are arbitrage and value betting.



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Is there an app or site to practice sports betting using fake money?

Yes. You can find both of them. These services can help you learn the basics of sports betting.

Is there a free betting site for practice?

Yes, some websites are focusing on offering these kinds of services. They have a lot of advantages and disadvantages too.

How can I learn sports betting?

Good ways of learning are apps and sites that are using fake money. You can place bets without risking real money.

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