Top 8 Anonymous Crypto Bookmakers: BTC Betting Sites (2022)

For many bettors, anonymous sports betting at crypto bookmakers is the only solution. In this article, I want to present some good bookies that are offering anonymity for sports bettors and casino fans.

Here is my top 3 recommendation based on my experience

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  • No Verification
  • US Players accepted
  • +10% BTC / deposit
  • Great Odds
  • Crypto friendly
  • Countries: US, CA, GR,
  • NL, IN, ES, DE, BR

Bonus up to $1000

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  • Anonymous betting
  • US & UK players welcomed
  • High odds
  • Great interface
  • Crypto friendly
  • Many sports/markets
  • Even smaller leagues
  • Crypto friendly
  • Fast withdrawals

Bonus: 500€ /£ /$

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  • No Age verification
  • High in-play odds
  • Great interface
  • Fast withdrawal
  • BTC or another crypto
  • Countries: US, CA, IN,
  • NL, GR, ES, DE, BR

Bonus up to $1000

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  • My nr. 1 pick worldwide is 1xBit because of the insane amount of sports events and betting markets they cover on outstanding odds
  • My nr. 2 pick worldwide is MyStake because of their great interface and the $500 welcome bonus (US & UK bettors accepted)
  • For bettors from the US, the top pick is BetOnline: no verification, high odds, and many bonus offers

Best Anonymous Crypto bookmakers & Gambling sites

1. BetOnline

Best crypto sports betting site – USA & Canada

BetOnline is a fast-growing betting and gambling site for a good reason. Since BetOnline won’t ask for ID or any kind of verification, they are a very good option for bettors from the US to bet anonymously.

betonline review bookmaker without verification

Due to their business model of letting players stay anonymous and their great bonus/odds offers, BetOnline is a fast-growing betting site. The advantages of Betonline for bettors who want to avoid verifications:

  • Only bettors who have suspicious activity will face verifications
  • They are offering fast withdrawals
  • Bettors from the US are also accepted
  • You get an additional 10% Bitcoin after each deposit
  • A high $200,000 Withdrawal Limit per week
  • Many types of cryptocurrencies are accepted
  • $3,000 Casino Bonus
  • High Odds
  • Great Customer Support
  • Many additional crypto bookmaker bonus offers

If you are an active sports bettor and looking for the best crypto betting site, getting access to high odds can make or break your long-term profitability.

BetOnline is a crypto bookmaker and gambling site that has a very low profit margin and also accepts bettors from the US. I have checked several sports and events on Basketball, Football, Soccer, and NHL to find out if they truly offer the highest odds.

Compared to other crypto sports betting sites that accept US bettors, BetOnline is in the top 2.

If you need more information, I have a more detailed BetOnline Review.

2. SportsBetting

Nr2. Best crypto bookmaker US & Canada

US bettors are welcomed!

Top reasons why SportsBetting is a great crypto bookie if you want to bet anonymously:

  • No Age verification
  • Excellent in-play odds
  • 50% welcome bonus up to $1000
  • Countries available: US, CA, IN, NL, GR, ES, DE, BR
  • Fast withdrawal: in less than 6 hours
  • Accepting Bitcoin as payment
  • High odds
  • Many bonus offers and rewards crypto sports betting site

The following countries are restricted: Australia, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Malta, North Korea, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe

SportsBetting.AG is a sister site of BetOnline. They are also an excellent crypto betting site with an almost identical betting offer. Even their welcome bonus is similar, so you can take advantage of that bonus two times. has slightly different bonus offers on their casino side, with excellent crypto bonus offers. Many US bettors praise their crypto poker platform on different forums.

3. 1xBit: 100% anonymous crypto sports betting 

Crypto sports betting site with the best offer

The difference between 1xBet and 1xBit is almost nothing. The main purpose of creating 1xBit was to operate a bookmaker that is using deposit and withdrawal methods based only on cryptocurrencies.

I’m still an active user on 1xBit for a good reason. They are a 100% crypto betting site and also have the widest market and event offer I ever used. 

My top favorite sports at this crypto bookmaker are tennis and football. I have found my favorite smallest markets even on minor matches.

Pros of 1xBit

  • 1xBit is offering anonymity for every one of their customers
  • You can convert your funds to different cryptocurrency
  • Same odds as 1xBet high odds and fairly high maximum stakes
  • Excellent user interface
  • Many betting markets
  • Even smaller events are covered

Cons of 1xBit

  • Sensitive to smart betting techniques

A big advantage of this crypto bookmaker stands in the possibility of converting your current currency to another.

If your deposit method was BTC, you can convert your funds to other currencies even to fiat ones like the euro or GBP. 

If your betting activity is not suspicious (multi-accounting, using betting loopholes) the withdrawal will be almost instantly processed without the need for any customer verification process.

1xbit review anonymous crypto sports betting site

4. MyStake

Crypto-friendly bookmaker with excellent bonus offers!

Besides having an excellent user interface, MyStake is also offering high odds on sports and an extremely wide variety of betting markets. Sports bettors who are looking for in-play offers will benefit the most from MyStake.

Bonus offers:

  • welcome bonus on sports up to 500€ /£ /$ on your first deposit
  • Dino | 10 Free Runs
  • 10% Crypto Cashback
  • Bitcoin Deposit Bonus: BTC deposits between 20€/$ and 600€/$ will be awarded a 170% bonus

Pros of MyStake

  • Crypto payments are not only available but bettors are also motivated to use them because of the great offers
  • Players from the USA & UK are accepted
  • MyStake is not on GamStop
  • No verification is required
  • Excellent bonus offers both on sports and for casino as well
  • Besides many free spin offers, players can benefit from fast payouts
  • Less anonymous payment methods such as bank cards or EcoPayz are also available
  • Excellent in-play stats and user interface

Cons of MyStake

  • Could not find any at the moment
mystake betting site without verification
  • Based on my experience they have a fast system that allows bettors to switch between events as fast they want.
  • My experience was smooth with this betting site every time I used their sports betting platform

5. crypto bookmaker – crypto sports betting & gambling kingdom

Crypto bookie and gambling site worldwide is in the cryptocurrency sports betting and gambling industry for a long time. They deserve the good reputation they have in this crypto betting industry.

Pros of

  • You can deposit with 8 different cryptocurrencies
  • Depositing with fiat currency is also available
  • You won’t have problems withdrawing your funds. Even large amounts of funds are processed right away.
  • Many of their users love the gambling part of their site. After using their services, you will get a decent amount of bonuses
  • Anonymity by depositing, betting, and withdrawing with cryptocurrencies

Cons of

  • Their sports betting platform is not offering so many opportunities like 1xbet or 1xbit
  • They are not covering so many sports events and so many markets

Big advantage: They have a live feed where you can see every bet placed by other bettors. In the majority of cases, you won’t see their account, but some of them are not private. review bitcoin bookmaker

You can check their betting history, winnings, or losses. This feed is giving you motivation and ideas for possibilities.

If you want to have access to different odds, might be the perfect solution to sports betting with crypto.

It is important to mention that many bettors try using with VPN from countries where they are unavailable. is an excellent crypto bookmaker, but similar to many of their competitors, they stopped allowing US bettors with VPNs.

After this, many gamblers started looking for new crypto betting sites for Americans that do not require any level of verification. Bettors who were already using their services from the US can withdraw their funds but no longer can deposit.

Online gambling is still not legalized in most US states. That’s why was one of the crypto bookmakers and casinos for US bettors. They accepted bettors from the US with VPN. This way, bettors with crypto deposits avoided the attention and could use

If you are from the US, I would advise using another crypto bookmaker or gambling site. It does not worth the risk of having your funds blocked.

6. 1xbet: Crypto Bookmaker

Fiat + Crypto bookie: both sports betting & casino with crypto

Pros of 1xBet

  • 1xbet is available in many countries as a licensed bookmaker
  • Offering normal payment methods too like bank transfer, bank card, Neteller, etc.
  • But if you prefer staying anonymous, they have the option to deposit and withdraw with 30+ different cryptocurrencies. 
  • Competitive, high odds
  • A large variety of markets

Cons of 1xBet

  • 1xbet is very sensitive to smart betting techniques
  • so the likelihood of getting limited in a short time is fairly high
1xbet review anonymous crypto sports betting site

Use the following promo code and you receive a higher bonus: 1x_513614

Opening a betting account cannot be more anonymous, because introducing a simple email address is more than enough to start your sports betting activity with cryptos.

They are one of the fastest-growing crypto betting sites because of their great welcome offers, high odds, and a wide variety of market/event offer.

Many bettors leave a negative review about 1xBet because of getting their account limited or even closed. In 99% of cases they get their funds back, but after a short research, I noticed that most of these complaints are from bettors who take advantage of many weak lines.

1xBet as a crypto betting site for average bettors is an excellent choice.

Can I bet with Bitcoin on 1xBet?

Bitcoin is one of the main deposit methods at 1xBet, so you can use it for betting too. But if you prefer other currencies, you may use even Dogecoin too.

7. NitrogenSports

NitrogenSports is a great option for sports betting and gambling without verification. You can open an anonymous account with just a few clicks.

nitrogensports betting site without registration


  • Accepting users from many countries
  • Betting without verification
  • Betting anonymously with Crypto payments
  • Great odds
  • Excellent user interface
  • High odds on most markets
  • Great bonus offers such as freerolls


  • Sometimes their captcha is activated too many times
  • You can’t check odds without creating an account/logging in

They are covering a wide variety of betting markets on football, tennis, basketball, and other famous sports. NitrogenSports is not doing any background checks, credit checks, or KYC verification. They also accept self-excluded members, so this bookie is also not included in the GamStop network.

8. TigerGaming

They are not the best on this list, but if you want something different with a great bonus offer, Tiger gaming might be an excellent option.

They are an excellent crypto betting site and also a sister site of BetOnline, which makes them more trustworthy. The crypto sports betting bonus of $1000 is also a great sign that bettors are welcomed and get the same service as BetOnline customers.

TigerGaming is not only great crypto sports betting site, but its Casino and Poker interface is also praised by many users.

tiger gaming review crypto betting bookmaker


  • Crypto Bonus offers up to $1,000
  • UK Players Accepted
  • Payment method: Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Great for Poker
  • No Verification
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Many great bonuses and offers
  • Many times better odds than Bet365

Target countries: GB, CA, IN, ES, DE, GR, BR

Why are bookmakers accepting bitcoin or another crypto?

Fortunately, in the past years more and more people are getting used to cryptocurrencies. This decentralized payment method is taking an important role not only in the life of crypto traders but already in the biggest US banking systems as an investment possibility. 

Many real estate companies are using this payment method to finance and create big construction projects in Dubai.

Knowing this, it’s not surprising that in the last few years even the gambling and sports betting world is taking advantage of the possibility of anonymity offered by cryptos.

Many bookmakers started accepting cryptocurrency as a possible deposit and withdrawal method. By this they made anonymous crypto sports betting possible.

At the moment many bookmakers are making it possible to deposit, place bets, and withdraw funds in cryptocurrencies.

The first time I used bitcoin as a deposit method was at Pinnacle Sports around 2016-2017. At that time betting with crypto was a little bit expensive.

After depositing a certain amount, your crypto was converted to a fiat currency, in my case to euros. So, every time I deposited/withdrew my money I lost some percent on the exchange.

At the moment Pinnacle Sports has disabled these payment methods on their platform, so if you are looking for crypto betting, they are no longer a possible choice. 

One of the biggest advantages of these bookies is that they are betting sites with fast withdrawal.

Why anonymous sports betting at crypto bookmakers is important?

These bookmakers and in general the cryptos have appeared for a good reason. Anonymity in today’s online life is getting a bigger role. Many companies are taking advantage of personal data and financial behavior. 

You probably heard about a lot of incidents when big corporations and even bookmakers (Bet365) have shared sensitive information about their users.

In these transactions, they gave away even betting and deposit history to governments. In many cases by this act, they cause a lot of trouble for bettors. 

It’s not surprising that people are getting more suspicious and careful about the safety of their personal data. 

These and similar cases (strict regulations, bad bookies) made anonymous sports betting and bookmakers a good solution. 

Bitcoin betting and gambling sites made it possible to protect your financial transactions and identity from every party. By using these bookies you can also profit from great bitcoin sports bonus offers.

The best crypto betting and gambling sites are offering 100% anonymity by making it possible to open an account with an email address only.

Downsides of Crypto bookmakers and anonymous sports betting

I have to mention that because of this opportunity you have to be more careful of your betting habits. These no verification betting sites are making it possible to use their services without revealing your personal data but this is coming with some costs. 

  • Many bettors find it tempting to use them for heavy arbitrage betting or for other smart betting techniques.
  • But these bookies tend to react more drastically to suspicious betting activities.
  • It’s common to get limited fairly fast for intense and obvious arbitrage betting.

In the majority of cases, you will get away with a simple limitation with the possibility of withdrawing your funds without major problems.

Many bettors on the other hand might think that registering a new account at these bookies is simple and not risky at all. But even these anonymous crypto bookmakers are taking multi-accounting seriously. They don’t like using the opportunity of anonymous betting as a loophole to exploit their services.

In short, I just want to warn you that trying to rip off these bitcoin/Ethereum bookmakers can cause you to get your funds confiscated. 

You will find many forum posts about these cases, where bettors are claiming of being scammed by these crypto bookmakers. 

It is important to understand that these services are operating to protect your anonymity by making it possible to place sports bets with cryptocurrencies. There is no bookmaker or company that is letting you get all of their profits with smart moves.

How do I place a sports bet at a crypto bookmaker? Sports betting with bitcoin

The majority of crypto gambling sites and bookmakers are working under the same conception. 

You can place sports bets with bitcoin anonymously by following the next steps:

1. Open an account at an exchange that accepts transactions related to gambling/sports betting. Not every one of them is accepting these, Binance for example is not going to cause you trouble (at the moment). But using a separate wallet (Tron wallet for example) and sending the crypto from there is an ideal option.

2. The fee and transaction speed will highly depend on the type of crypto you are using. I prefer TRX for example. It’s fast and fairly cheap to use as the main currency. On the other hand, it’s easier to use it with smaller stakes.

3. Find the proper wallet address at the bookie for the currency you want to use. Be sure that you are using the same network as the wallet you want to send to. Send BTC to a BTC wallet or Tron to a Tron wallet, or you may lose your deposit.

4. After opening the bet slip make sure you selected the right wallet on your account, otherwise, the bet will be declined or accepted with the wrong stake.

Benefits of crypto bookmakers / betting sites

If you are not actively using crypto bookmakers, you might wonder what the real upsides of using a bitcoin bookie are. They are offering many of them, so I will present the most significant ones one by one.

1. Bitcoin bookies are available in more countries

I don’t want to encourage betting in a country where sports betting is not allowed. But these crypto bookmakers are accepting customers from way more countries than their “normal” competitors that are more strictly regulated.

Relevant article: you can also check my Bovada vs BetOnline comparison article for betting from the US. I have also covered some other bookies in my article about sites like Bovada.

The majority of crypto betting sites offer bet and gambling services for almost every country. Some of them will allow you to bet even if you live in a country where sports betting is forbidden.

In some cases, your internet provider might block these betting sites, but even with the most straightforward VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can mitigate these limitations.

Using these crypto bookies from a country where sports betting has strict regulations will involve some level of risk. It is your responsibility to decide if these are worth betting or not.

2. Higher stakes and fast payouts at crypto sports betting sites

Crypto bookmakers are operating slightly differently when considering financial transactions. They are also regulated by the Curaçao Gaming Authority but with less strict regulations. This fact by itself is helping bitcoin bookmakers to process withdrawals way faster. 

Without a suspicious betting activity, Bettors will experience an almost instant withdrawal processed in cryptos. These transactions are approved instantly in most cases, but the funds won’t appear instantly in your crypto due to the processing times of different blockchains.

3. No problem with mortgages when using crypto bookmakers

Many bettors are planning to buy a home with the help of different types of loans. I was surprised when I heard stories about people who refused their mortgage applications.

Well, if someone is a gambling or sports betting addict and deposits considerable amounts each month, then it’s acceptable. Banks need trustworthy clients capable of completing the monthly mortgage payments without issues.

But I know people who refused to deposit 5-10 euros a month to regular bookmakers. I think treating these bettors as gambling addicts is not correct. Sports betting with bitcoin at crypto bookmakers is the best solution for them. No track means no problem.

Summary: Crypto betting sites are the best choices to hide your gambling transactions

4. Earning more with crypto bookies in the bull market

Using a crypto bookie can have more benefits. One of them is letting your funds in crypto for a longer time, and it can quickly increase in value. Normal bookmakers with fiat currencies can’t offer this opportunity.

How to start using crypto betting sites?

1. Check the list of the best crypto bookmakers

Finding several bitcoin sports betting sites is the first step to choosing the one you like the most. Each bookmaker has its advantages and downsides too. Some of them offer only a few betting markets but at very high odds. Others might have a great sports event and market offer but with a significant margin on odds.

2. Buy crypto that the bookmaker accepts

3. Choose the best crypto exchange/wallet for betting

Check if your crypto exchange allows you to send funds to crypto gambling sites or bookmakers.

4. Choose the correct crypto address when depositing to the bookie

5. Sports at crypto bookmakers

Most crypto bookies offer the same number of sports markets as “normal” bookies. A significant difference you might notice is the highest odds at crypto sports betting sites. It’s not a general fact, but most bitcoin bookies offer excellent betting lines.

How to withdraw money from a crypto bookmaker?

Withdrawing your funds in bitcoin or other crypto is similar to the deposit method. It’s a fairly straightforward action. 

You just have to select the withdrawal method (the currency of your funds), enter the amount you want to withdraw, and paste your wallet address. 

It does not have to be the same wallet you used for deposits, but be sure that the currency is the same. Don’t make the mistake of sending BTC to a Dogecoin wallet.

You can also read my similar article about betting without registration and verification.

Importance of crypto bookmakers these days

Sports betting in general is becoming more and more popular. This fact is easy to notice only by checking the google trends data for the past 5 years. This is one of the many reasons why anonymous sports betting with cryptos is getting more attention.

In the last years, the pandemic made many people start looking after income sources from home. Sports betting if it is done the right way can offer decent profits even for a living. 

But in many countries, sports betting is limited by regulations. On the other hand, the number of bookmakers is not enough to have access to good odds and high stakes.

First of all, I would like to mention that I’m not supporting underage betting and gambling. I genuinely think that these bookies were created to open possibilities for sports betting for those who don’t have access to proper bookmakers.

But using this loophole of anonymity for underage betting is not the right way. I think you should wait until getting 18+, so you don’t risk getting your money confiscated.

You can also check my article about Ethereum betting sites and Ethereum Casinos.

Frequently asked questions

Are crypto bookmakers safe?

Crypto betting sites and BTC betting is safe if you are using bookies with a good reputation. Opening accounts anonymously is easy but taking advantage of this by multi-accounting can easily lead to confiscation of your funds.

How do I use Bitcoin for sports betting sites?

Buying crypto from exchanges is the first step in using crypto sports betting sites. Using a gambling-friendly crypto wallet is essential to avoid account closures. The last step to betting with your crypto is by making sure you send your funds to the right wallet.

Which are the best crypto bookies?

1xbit, Stake, BetOnline, and are excellent crypto bookmakers if you are planning to use only crypto for funding your account.

What crypto bookmakers are useful for?

Crypto sports betting sites and casinos can offer a high level of anonymity which is a major aspect for bettors who want to avoid unwanted attention from banks or other third-party services.

Sam @ Sportssmartbetting

I have been a professional sports bettor for almost 8 years. This blog was created to share my experience and knowledge. I started building up my betting capital with matched betting, followed by arbitrage betting, and switched to full-time value betting.