This article explores a range of alternatives to matched betting:

  • Arbitrage betting
  • Value betting
  • Sports trading
  • AI sports prediction
  • Following trustworthy tipsters

Alternatives to Matched Betting: What to do after being gubbed?

Matched betting has long been a popular method for many of us to make a profit and a healthy side income from sports betting. 

Taking advantage of bookmakers’ promotions and free bets is an excellent, almost low effort and still a great way to secure a profit with minimal risk. 

However, once the initial wave of promotions dries up, most of us seek new ways to generate income from our betting accounts.

1. Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, also known as “arbing” or “sure betting,” is the brother strategy and the easiest alternative to matched betting and also the greatest hack in sports betting.

For someone looking for a betting strategy similar to matched betting, sure betting will be the easiest change of activity.

It is working based on very similar, almost identical concepts.

alternative to matched betting: sure betting

Profits with arbitrage betting are achieved by exploiting differences in odds offered by different bookmakers. 

Arbing opportunities arise when bookmakers have different opinions on the outcome of an event or when they make errors in their odds calculations.

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If you are looking for an alternative to matched betting, you have already heard about sure betting. 

By reading different forums/blogs or watching Youtube videos, you easily can think that arbing has a bad reputation. 

You might also find opinions that arbing is not a great matched betting alternative because it gets your betting accounts limited.

You might also want to check my arbitrage betting career article where I highlight each advantage and downside of this lifestyle in the long term.

For these people, the only thing I always say: 

Which is better? 

Being afraid of getting your accounts limited while making money or not making money because of avoiding these strategies similar to matched betting.

strategy similar to matched betting

One of the main advantages of arbitrage betting is the minimal risk involved, similar to matched betting. 

Since bettors cover all possible outcomes, there is no chance of losing money on individual bets. 

However, there are some downsides to consider, such as sure bets are live for a shorter period. These betting opportunities appear when there is a significant odds difference.

This situation drives more attention to smart betting, which leads to faster-moving odds.

This is why arbing can be significantly more challenging while it’s one of the first steps after being gubbed and the main alternative to matched betting.

To find arbitrage opportunities, bettors can use specialized tools and software such as OddStorm, RebelBetting, and BetBurger. 

These services scan bookmakers’ odds and identify profitable arbing opportunities for their subscribers.

It might be surprising for bettors looking for similar strategies to matched betting that subscription prices are significantly higher.

These tools require faster and more accurate scanning, which requires more manpower and development to run them.

Summary: sure betting as an alternative to matched betting

Arbitrage betting is a great alternative to matched betting with a higher profit potential but a higher risk of getting accounts banned.

Overall, it’s a more profitable strategy than matched betting, with significantly more betting opportunities and a higher profit %.

A pretty decent strategy to boost your profit is middle betting. You can find out more about it in my middle arbitrage betting article.

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2. Value Betting – the most profitable alternative to matched betting

Value betting is the most profitable strategy, similar to matched betting. It also takes advantage of loopholes created by bookies.

It’s a great alternative to matched betting but for players with significantly higher risk tolerance.

Value betting is taking advantage of overpriced odds but not covering the other outcome.

This means when a bookmaker has underestimated the probability of a particular outcome, bettors place a bet on these, resulting in a potential long-term profit. 

Check my basketball betting course. After using it for three years I decided to share each essential information I learned on how to find markets that generated 13% ROI in the long term.

matched betting alternative: value betting

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The key to successful value betting lies in the bettor’s ability to estimate the true probability accurately. 

You can achieve this by manually comparing your local bookie odds to accurate betting sites or taking advantage of automated scanners.

One of the main advantages of value betting is the potential for higher returns compared to matched betting and arbitrage betting. 

This additional profit is generated by not covering the other outcomes. It means you are not losing out on commissions and the house edge.

Value betting has a higher positive expected value gained on each bet compared to these strategies.

However, it also comes with a higher level of risk, as there is no guarantee of winning individual bets. 

To manage this risk, you should adopt a disciplined sports betting bankroll management strategy, betting only a small percentage of your total bankroll on each bet.

matched betting alternative stake management

There are several tools and resources available to help bettors identify value bets, such as RebelBetting or OddsJam

These services compare hundreds of bookies with more accurate betting sites. 

They display outcomes that have significant odds differences compared to these true odds (defined in different ways).

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3. Sports Trading

Sports trading, also known as betting exchange trading, is a strategy that involves buying and selling bets on a betting exchange, such as Betfair.

This matched betting alternative is similar to sure betting and value betting as well because the goal is securing a profit regardless of the outcome of an event. 

Unlike traditional betting, where bettors place bets against a bookmaker, sports trading allows bettors to act as both the backer and the layer of bets, effectively creating their own market.

trading as matched betting alternative

There are two main sports trading strategies: scalping and swing trading. 

Scalping involves placing multiple small bets on a particular market, aiming to profit from small price movements. 

Swing trading, on the other hand, focuses on taking advantage of larger price movements by holding bets for a period of time.

This one is closer to value betting and includes a fair amount of risks as well.

One of the main benefits of sports trading (and the reason for being a great matched betting alternative) is the ability to lock in profits without being dependent on the outcome of an event. 

Additionally, sports trading offers greater flexibility and control over bets, as traders can adjust their positions in real time based on changing market conditions. 

what to do after matched betting gubbed similar strategies to matched betting

However, sports trading can be more complex and time-consuming than other betting strategies.

It’s not the best matched betting alternative because it requires a deeper understanding of market dynamics and betting exchange platforms.

Popular platforms for sports trading include Betfair, Betdaq, and Smarkets. 

To enhance their trading experience, bettors can use specialized tools such as Geeks Toy.

You can learn more about Betfair scalping in my dedicated article.

4. Betting Prediction Based on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in sports betting is an insanely fast-emerging trend that has the potential to revolutionize the way bettors make predictions. 

AI systems can analyze vast amounts of data, including historical match results, player performance statistics, and weather conditions, to identify patterns and generate more accurate predictions than human traders.

AI as a matched betting alternative way

But can it be a great alternative to matched betting?

One of the main advantages of using AI-powered betting tools is the potential for improved prediction accuracy, which can lead to higher long-term returns for bettors. 

However, it’s important to remember that no artificial intelligence betting prediction is perfect, and bettors should still exercise caution and sound bankroll management when using AI-based predictions.

These tools can spot certain patterns, but based on my experience, a value betting strategy will outperform AI tools in almost every case.

The only exception is the AI tools that focus on odds comparison. This way, they can be an excellent matched betting alternative after getting gubbed.

An example of an AI-powered betting tool is Zcode System. Using this service is not the least risky strategy and definitely not the best alternative to matched betting.

They utilize machine learning algorithms and other AI technologies to provide bettors with data-driven insights and predictions for various sports events.

But by not covering each outcome and not focusing entirely on odds differences, you can expect a lower but decent income with the help of this tool.

You can read more in my article about AI betting predictions.

5. Following Trustworthy Tipsters

Tipsters are individuals or organizations that provide betting tips and predictions for sports events. 

Bettors looking for similar strategies to matched betting after getting their account gubbed often start following tipster services.

It’s the middle road between value betting and matched betting. 

In an optimal situation, you are following a bettor who is able to spot overpriced markets with various strategies.

tipsters as alternative strategy to matched betting

However, not all tipsters are created equal, and it’s important to differentiate between reputable sources and those simply looking to make a quick profit from unsuspecting followers.

To identify trustworthy tipsters, bettors should consider factors such as the tipster’s track record, transparency, and consistency. 

The most important factor is following a tipster available on platforms with great reputations. 

One of the best of these would be Tipstrr. Here nobody can manipulate the betting history (check it for yourself if you don’t believe me). 

Reputable tipsters will typically provide detailed analysis and reasoning behind their tips, as well as a clear explanation of their strategy. 

This platform features a range of tipsters specializing in various sports and betting markets, allowing bettors to choose the ones that best align with their interests and preferences.

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Conclusion: what to make after matched betting? top alternatives

In conclusion, there are numerous alternatives to matched betting that offer the potential for long-term profit and diversification. 

From arbitrage betting and value betting to sports trading and AI-driven predictions, each approach comes with its unique benefits and challenges. 

By exploring these matched betting alternatives and finding the right strategy for their individual needs and preferences, bettors can continue to enjoy the world of betting and potentially increase their profits. 

As with any betting strategy, it’s essential to maintain discipline, manage risk effectively, and continue learning and adapting to the ever-evolving betting landscape.

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What are some matched betting alternatives?

Matched betting alternatives include arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading, AI-based betting predictions, and following reliable tipsters.

How can I transition from matched betting to an alternative?

If you’re looking for a similar strategy to matched betting, sure betting (arbitrage betting) can be the easiest change of activity. Value betting is another option for those with a higher risk tolerance.

What to do after being gubbed for matched betting?

After being gubbed for matched betting, consider exploring alternative strategies like arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading, AI-driven predictions, and following reputable tipsters to continue profiting from the betting world.

What is life after matched betting like?

Life after matched betting can still be profitable and exciting by exploring alternative strategies such as arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading, AI-driven predictions, and following reputable tipsters.

What can I do after matched betting?

After matched betting, you can explore alternatives like arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading, AI-based betting predictions, and following reliable tipsters to continue generating income from your betting activities.