Betting strategies based on mathematics like arbitrage-, matched-, and value betting are the easiest and surest techniques that almost anyone can learn.

This article is focused on arbitrage betting in Australia by covering the topics of the available arbitrage betting software, calculators, and bookies for Australian smart bettors.

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If you are in a hurry: Bonus Bank is scanning the most bookmakers from Australia. The second-best solution is using BetBurger with significantly fewer bookies covered.

Best Arbitrage betting software in Australia

I have checked all the good arbitrage betting sites that are scanning Australian bookmakers. Based on the analysis, Australian arbitrage betting seems fairly limited. There are two key players in the bookmaker scanning industry.

1. Bonus Bank Review: Arbitrage & matched betting in Australia 

Bonus Bank is scanning the most Australian bookmakers, 26 in total. Their main focus is on displaying betting opportunities that have a payout close to 0%. 

This service is perfect for matched betting (taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses). You can find this scanner by opening their Service called ATM. 

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Matched betting is the least risky and still fairly profitable betting technique. If you are starting to learn about these strategies, matched betting is the first step you need to take. 

With this strategy, the risk of getting caught and limited is fairly low (if you are doing it right). Bonus Bank has almost 90 articles about matched betting, bookmakers, and their software itself.

Even if you are a beginner in arbitrage or matched betting in Australia, they are your best source of information and betting opportunities.

Arbitrage betting / Dutching at Bonus Bank

Bonus Bank focuses only on future sports events that are making arbitrage bettors vulnerable against stake limitations. However, the number of bookmakers scanned by them is making their service almost inevitable if you are planning to become an arbitrage/matched bettor.

Bonus Bank price

Monthly subscription: $47

6 months subscription: $250

1 year: $450

If you subscribe for at least one month, you can have access to their Discord community with thousands of bettors & a big knowledge base about smart betting. Even this possibility is worth the subscription fee alone.

Free arbitrage betting software Australia

For every Australian bettor who wants to learn about these smart betting techniques, Bonus Bank is offering a free subscription plan.

This includes a basic course for matched betting, one tutorial for a bookie (you can make up to $70 risk-free), and many other advantages. 

2. BetBurger: an alternative for arbitrage betting in Australia

BetBurger is one of the best arbitrage scanner services in the industry. They are scanning more than 270 bookmakers from all around the world. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, they are covering only a few bookies that are available for Australian bettors too: Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Bet365, Unibet, Betstar, Betfair.

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Based on my experience, each of these bookies is more than perfect for arbitrage and even value betting. 

If you know how to use them properly (without risking fast limitations), it is very likely to make several thousand $ with them.

BetBurger has been in this industry for long years. This knowledge and a large number of customers made it possible to offer an arbitrage scanner that covers almost every possible sport, market, and even cross-market opportunity. 

From the point of view of sure bets, BetBurger is the best sure bets finder in Australia for these 6 bookmakers. The number of opportunities displayed at these bookies exceeds the ones at Bonus Bank by several times. 

Based on my analysis in the first step, you should use Bonus Bank for matched betting, then BetBurger for arbitrage betting.

If you want to use other bookies that are not available in your country, a good solution might be using Betting Agents.

Arbitrage betting Australia: Betting Agents

They are one of the best solutions for arbers. You can have access to new Pinnacle Sports, Betfair accounts with lower commission rates or other Asian bookmaker accounts.

For beginner bettors, they are not offering a big value. But if you have enough money to include more bookies.

Check my article about the best betting brokers for arbing.

Best Betting Agents:

1. AsianConnect88 Review:

  • You can have access to the following bookies (if you are not from the restricted countries: USA, France, Singapore)
  • PS3838 (Pinnacle), SBOBet, Maxbet, Singbet, BETISN, Matchbook,
  • The minimum deposit is very low (€10)
  • Deposit BONUS of 20% up to €400 
  • Free deposits every time and no commission on your first withdrawal in the current month 
  • Supperted Sports: 13

Price: 1.25% on winning and losing bets too

Payment methods: Bank, Bitcoin, Tether, Ecopayz (2% deposit fee), Neteller, Skrill


Free every time: Bank transfer and crypto

Fee: 1% for Skrill, Neteller, and Ecopayz (maximum €30)

Try AsianConnect88 now!

What is arbitrage betting?

I think the majority of people who are reading this article already know at least the basics of arbitrage betting.

This smart betting technique is based on taking advantage of bookmaker loopholes. Fortunately for us bettors, each bookmaker is offering slightly different odds from their competitors.

Even though the odds are generated based on every available information, not every bookie is able to offer accurate odds.

When a bookmaker is making a decent mistake by offering overpriced odds, smart bettors can take advantage of them. Placing a bet on these wrong odds and covering the other outcome at another bookmaker can generate a guaranteed profit.

With a simple example: 

  • A bookie is offering an odd of 2.05 for Nadal to win the match, while the other bookies can think that Nadal is the favorite.
  • So, in this situation, the second bookie can also offer an odd of 2.05 or even higher for his opponent (Djokovic for example).
  • If you take advantage of this opportunity, by placing the same amount of stake, you can have a decent profit, no matter who wins.

Every time I hear or read about guaranteed profits, I assume that someone is lying or trying to steal my money with scams.

Fortunately, arbitrage betting is not a scam nor illegal. You can find thousands of articles, forum comments, and many videos about successful arbitrage bettors.

To see it clearly: arbitrage betting is legal in Australia and in every country of the world. This is true until the moment you are using betting services and bookmakers that are legal in your country.

This betting strategy is based simply on placing a series of bets at different bookies and taking advantage of the price difference. There is no regulation or law that would restrict similar acts. Even in simple commerce, it is a commonly used tactic for taking additional profits.

Is arbitrage betting possible in Australia?

First of all, I need to mention that I’m not living in Australia so I can’t know every aspect of betting in your country. However, I have many years of experience behind me in this betting industry. 

In these years I have used many bookmakers and tried many betting techniques. So, I strongly believe that even an outsider with enough experience can analyze and make the proper conclusions.

Based on my thorough analysis, long term arbitrage betting in Australia is not possible or very unlikely. It has several reasons why I think you should not focus on arbitrage betting in Australia as your main income source.

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By long term I mean: 

  • Using bookmakers only with your own ID
  • Having access to many bookies that are good for arbitrage betting (more than 20-30)
  • Access to a proper and fast arbitrage betting software

Bookmakers in Australia for arbitrage betting

Being successful in arbitrage betting is getting harder and harder. If you are arbitrage betting only on matches that are in play, you might make decent profits before the bookies could flag and limit your account.

But if you are focusing on pre-match sure bets, you must follow many rules to avoid getting your maximum stakes limited after a few bets.

In Australia, the bettors have access to 70+ bookmakers. Reading this number for the first time as a bettor you might think that Australia is the kingdom of smart betting.

But the truth is that the majority of bookmakers are not suitable neither for arbitrage betting nor for a fair betting experience. Many of these bookies have very limited betting markets, low maximum stakes, and bad odds (the bookie is using a big profit margin).

The truth is that around 20-25 of the Australian bookies are suitable for some kind of smart betting technique. This number won’t guarantee a long-term income source (if you are using accounts only with your own ID – which I suggest in most cases).

Almost every bettor gets to a point when realizes that sports betting without proper knowledge or strategy is not profitable.

The success after this moment depends on the next step. The majority of punters start to follow betting tipsters, while a small percentage is heading in the right direction like these mentioned above. 


Is arbitrage betting legal in Australia?

Yes, arbitrage betting is legal in Australia if you are using licensed betting sites. The process of sure betting or arbitrage betting is legal and not prohibited anywhere unless you are wagering at a betting site not allowed in your country.

Is arbitrage betting in Australia possible?

Arbitrage betting in Australia is possible, but it’s quite challenging because only a handful of odds comparison services cover the betting sites available here.

Which are the best arbitrage betting software in Australia?

The best arbitrage betting software available for Australian bettors is Bonus Bank. They cover most betting sites. However, services such as BetBurger are expanding and covering more and more Aussie bookies in their arbitrage bet finder.